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Delaware Park multi-purpose water fountain open for business

While walking on a beautiful summer day around Ring Road here in Delaware Park I noticed something new. 
Right by the basketball courts and the Jewett Parkway/Meadow Drive Buffalo Zoo parking entrance, the water fountain had disappeared! In its place I saw a what looked like a triple water fountain… 
Upon a closer inspection I saw that there were two waist high water fountains – the second tier fountain must be designed for kids and wheelchair accessibility – hip hip hooray! What was most unusual however, was a third water fountain just a little bit off the ground. This must be for the doggies – but how does a dog activate the water fountain?
How to turn the doggie water fountain on?
There in no water button right at the doggie fountain. It might be a little to tough for the doggies to find. Instead, there is an extra water button at one of the top buttons, to be activated by the the dog’s owner. 
I am proud to say that all three fountains work. Doggies and people will no longer go thirsty. Plus this is just in time for the scorching Buffalo weather predicted for the rest of this week.
Will this help quench your thirst this summer? Where else could we use a dog/people water fountain?

*Buffalo Rotary Foundation gave the Olmsted Parks Conservancy a $7500 grant for the fountain. It was part of the Comfort in CARES initiative and is the only fountain in all of Delaware Park. The Trust for Public Land in 2011 (City Park Facts) sited Delaware Park as 45th most visited park in all of U.S. with 1.8 million visits (visits not visitors).
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