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The Larkin District: Pioneering Perfection

As of tomorrow, the Larkin District will become a destination, not only for business professionals, but for anyone looking for an inspirational getaway within the city of Buffalo. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the district on Tuesday than you’ll be able to experience the opening of Filling Station – the newest restaurant situated in an old gas station island. Surrounding Filling Station are myriad seating areas filled with some of the coolest r&r fixtures to be found just about anywhere. The nearby patio is heated from below in order to extend the outdoor dining season. There’s a spotlight and speaker tower nearby too, so there place is aways wired for a concert, whether scheduled or impromptu. Look a little further and you’ll see an awesome elevated stage as well as a newly installed grill shack. 

Larkin Square features an impressive public pavilion that is nothing like we’ve ever seen – it’s the perfect place to relax and eat your food from Filling Station. There are small blue business kiosks where vendors will be setting up for the summer – last week The Larkin District held a public meeting for The Public Square Marketplace in order to attract merchants looking to set up at one of the stalls starting on June 25. The hope is to have vegetable and fruit vendors right alongside various other merchants and purveyors. The landscaping throughout the complex is beautiful, and draws visitors to different seating areas throughout the district. There are bike stands and funky chaise lounge chairs all around. This could be the greatest outdoor recreational space in the city – and the inside of Filling Station is pretty spectacular as well. The majority of walls are glass, which gives customers a wide-sweeping perspective of the goings-ons around them. 
Even a rainy day is not going to damper the spirits of this place. A true destination has been created in what was once a languishing part of the city. It just goes to show you what an injection of creativity and spirit, drive and conviction can do for a district when people put their minds to it. I’m just happy that all of the investment (people said that it was a long-shot) that went into The Larkin District is paying off for the pioneers who are making it all happen (see more). Here are some of the latest pictures from the marketplace:
If there’s one or two things that this district has, it’s an identity and distinct personality. To think that this is just the beginning…

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