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Restoration of Faith

Back in October I wrote a post on a program involving researching the history of houses at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. In the article I featured a house on Norwood Avenue that was undergoing a significant transformation. Unfortunately I don’t have any images of the house before I moved into the neighborhood, but I do remember it being one of the most bland houses on the street – which was too bad because you could tell that it must have been a beauty back in the day. Thinking back, I remember wondering how anyone could desecrate such an impressive house.

After being worked on for over a year, the house has finally regained much of its original luster. It’s also the talk of the neighborhood. The restored porch even has a working chandelier. The front lawn, which was always a dump in the past, is now manicured. Now this restored house, situated right in the middle of Bryant and Summer Streets, sends a message that a significant investment has being made, and is thus instilling confidence in both neighbors and visitors. 
Check out this comment from my last post…
#1 From justme: My Mom grew up in this house. When it became too much house for Gram she decided to sell. First thing new owners did was tear off the porch and paint the house black. Broke Gram’s heart. My Mom is thrilled to see it being restored. Thank you new-new owners!

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