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Art Buff: Patricia Schwimmer

Where are you from originally? 
I was born and raised in Toronto.
What is your medium?

Acrylic paint and mixed media.
How has Buffalo influenced your work? 

Well, there is a vibrant art community here and very affordable studio space can be readily had. I share space in the Tri-Main building and the fifth floor is alive with other painters, sculptors, potters and more….so I never feel like “the lonely artist” when I am in the studio.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I’d have to say that my current influences and inspiration comes from the Pop Art Movement. I appreciate the genius of Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, and James Rosenquist, as well as the advertising world’s illustrations of that same era. I studied graphic design in the 1970’s and draw from these roots in my current work. I also derive a lot of inspiration from AMC’s television series called MadMen, which revolves around the Madison Avenue ad executives during the 1950’s and early 60’s. 
What is your preferred subject matter? 
I really have a penchant for all things retro, so the common elements that appear in my most recent paintings include classic cars, diners, confections and the glamorous women of the 1940’s and 50’s, all of which are often staged at the beach. In my mixed media work, continuing with these same themes, I have added patterned paper reminiscent of the period, fashion figures from vintage Vogue magazines, and script. 
How do you feel you can best advance to the next level, or are you most happy where you are now?  

I have gallery representation with Xanadu Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona….but I’d really love to be showing work in places like Miami and Key West because my art has that kind of feel to it.


Is there a purpose to your artwork?
Painting brings me a great deal of joy….that’s purpose enough for me. Others have reported that my work is “high on the fun scale” and just looking at the art brings on a smile. I feel like I am chronicling a time when life was simple and uncomplicated.
How often do you work on your art?
I make paintings in my head all the time [laughs]. But I get into the studio two or three days a week to bring them out of my head and onto the canvas.
What or who first prompted you to venture into the art world?
My interest in painting was rekindled when I began an intensive course of study at The Painting Experience Studio in San Francisco in the early ’90s that was truly life changing. The course was designed to facilitate self-expression without judgment–a Zen approach to making art, and it really helped to free me up. I feel fortunate to have three paintings in the book entitled Life, Paint and Passion which was penned by the facilitators.


Have you been schooled in art? Are you planning on attending art school? If so, where?
Not formally. My master’s degree is in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis on creative expression. I’ve done a lot of coursework in the expressive arts. I studied with Dot Keller here in Buffalo for many years, and she really helped me to develop my current work. I am always seeking out new learning experiences.
Where is your favorite venue in Buffalo to exhibit?
The Burchfield Penney Art Center, The C. G. Jung Center…..and my work kinda lends itself to showing in places like Betty’s. I had a great exhibit there last summer.
Is there a gallery in Buffalo that you would like to show your work in, but haven’t yet?

I’d like an exhibit at Studio Hart or maybe Indigo Gallery.


Who would you most like to sell a work of art to? 
Anyone who is touched by it enough to purchase. 
What’s the best thing about being an artist?
Painting provides a vehicle for creating one’s own world…bringing the story out of your head and making it tangible and real. It’s a world you can get really lost in for hours.
What’s the worst thing about being an artist?
I don’t know….I really don’t go there. Perhaps the rejection that comes with the territory.
Where is your current/next show in the city? Dates? Opening night?  
I have a solo exhibit at Wine on Third in Niagara Falls that runs through the month of May….and I am showing work at the Member’s Exhibition at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.
What is the title and theme of the show/s?
“Let’s Go Retro”….of course!
Studio: TriMain Center, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo, NY  14214   &

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