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A welcome arrangement on Elmwood

There’s a new vendor stand on Elmwood that is doing its part in beautifying the street (and the city). While we have shown these types of stands in other cities, selling items such as fruits and veggies, we have yet to see anything of this sort locally. As much as the food trucks have been a huge hit as of late, my hope is that this new flower stand, positioned outside of Ashker’s Juice Bar and Cafe, will provided needed enthusiasm for this sort of initiative.

Thankfully, the owners of the flower stand called My Darling, Mark Sisti (photo) and Chad Ewanic, plan on being out in front of the cafe (great sandwiches) all summer long. Ashker’s is one business that is doing it right. The owner ecently set up a welcoming patio, and he’s always inviting artists and start-up business operations to join in with his growing success. That’s why he teamed up with Mark and Chad – he understands that the flowery business offers a needed amenity on the block and will help to generate added business for his cafe. 
Mark and Chad have also been asked to set up flower arrangements and bouquets inside the cafe/juice bar – a nice arrangement if you ask me. I must say that with all of the flowers, patio umbrellas, etc. out in front of Ashker’s, the storefront looks beautiful. “I would like to do this in other places as well,” Mark told me. “We’ve been doing well, and Mother’s Day was incredible. The flowers add beauty to Ashker’s and offer the customers something nice to take home. Buffalo needs more of these types of partnerships.” 
I agree – this adds much needed vibrancy to the street. Now it’s up to the neighborhood to support the joint venture. The next time you’re looking for little gift to take home, think of how much you like to see these guys in business and support them.
Ashker’s on Elmwood – Facebook
1002 Elmwood Avenue  
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 886-2233

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