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Support Farmer Pirates Cooperative Compost Program

Every so often we have (and will again) featured a Kickstarter rally for a business that we felt was deserving enough to warrant attention (and money) from the public. As most of us are aware, there has been a growing coalition of urban farmers who have been getting back to the basics… back to the land, in a landscape that is rather unusual and totally inspiring. Some of the most progressive cities in America recognize these types of grassroots entrepreneurs for their desire to reclaim abandoned plots of land. Young enterprising citizens such as Rob Galbraith are on a mission to not only grow healthy, organic food, but to work together in a solidified manner so as to capitalize on buying power and shared resources. At this point they are looking for buy-in from community members that believe in these sorts of projects. If you’re into the idea, then consider donating a few bucks. With every donation you will get a reward in return, ranging from a t-shirt to a garden to a pig roast. Whatever you decide to donate or not, be sure to watch the great video below. 
Support Farmer Pirates Cooperative… click here!
From Rob:
A project we have been working on is the Farmer Pirates Cooperative, a group of four farms on the East Side that share land and resources, buy supplies in bulk, and generally work together to support our urban agricultural endeavors. We have recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise money to scale up our current composting program. Right now, we use our personal vehicles to make periodic small pick ups from the Lexington Coop and the Food Bank of WNY as well as receiving drop-offs of horse bedding from the Buffalo Equestrian Center to provide carbon matter to break down organic waste. We are trying to raise money for a truck or trailer to dedicate to collecting compostables to bring to our four farm sites to produce the compost we need on location. 

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