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A Toast To Five Points

Last week I walked into Five Points Bakery only to find that there was no room to sit down. I did manage to finally find a couple of seats (no table) in the corner, which worked out fine. As I waited for my guest to arrive I took in the surroundings, amazed by the number of people that were sitting and talking at the bakery/cafe. After a while I got up and walked over to the front counter. “What the heck is going here?” I asked owner Kevin Gardner. “It’s the toast,” he replied. “It’s simple and it’s good. Some people come in here and look at us sideways when we tell them that our menu consists of mainly toast. I ask them if they ever go out for a bagel. Then I tell them that toast is the new bagel.”

Whatever floats your boat, there is no denying that Five Points Bakery has tasty toast. Just one look at their toast menu is enough to get anyone rethinking what the simple food fix means to the foodie scene. Whether it’s the Power Bread with goat cheese or the Deli Rye with hard boiled egg, there’s a toast for everyone. The only thing that might beat the taste of the toast is the presentation of the fixins’. If you order the House Special, not only will you get a couple of different recipes, you will also score a pastry and a drink ($10) – perfect to share with a friend (though you’ll also have to share the same cup). 
All of the reasons that I mentioned above have helped to increase Five Points Bakery’s business by 86% over last year. Now that’s something to raise a mug of coffee to. Now how ’bout some toast tongs?
426 Rhode Island 
Buffalo NY 14213

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