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Buffalo NY: #5 city to find a sensitive man

On a day that is dedicated to the gruff, chicken wing eating, army jacket wearing, Super Bowl watching Buffalo guys, it should also be noted that despite how ‘rough and tumble’ Buffalo guys may want to appear, deep down there is a sensitive side to them. According to The Huffington Post writer Claire Gordon, has “…scanned its male users’ responses to a 56-question personality test designed by biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, the site’s chief scientific advisor and a professor at Rutgers University.” The results? Well, Buffalo ranks as one of the top ten cities where you’re likely to find sensitive guys.

Here’s the map showing the top ten cities.’s chief scientific advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher states that, “Men do have a sensitive side. They want to please. But different men do it differently; and these 10 cities are packed with a certain kind of man, what I call BUILDERS — men who express a constellation of personality traits linked with the serotonin system in the brain. Sensitive men, known as builders, are traditional. They deeply value loyalty, duty, respectability and proper moral conduct. They want to do the “right” thing. So builders go way out of their way to keep their social relationships running smoothly. So they watch, listen, and gauge what they need to do to help others and they do it naturally.  It’s these chivalrous qualities that make a sensitive man.”

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