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Daemen College International Center for Excellence in Animation

By Mike Andrei @ Daemen College:
While animation as a communication and art form is not new, with computers now at the center of much of life today, animation has become ever present. With that in mind, I would like to inform you about the grand opening of the Daemen International Center for Excellence in Animation, which is this Saturday, January 7, 6-9 p.m., in Buffalo’s Tri-Main Center on Main Street. The Center is equipped with five studios; 3 editing rooms; a library and video library; and a screening room seating 80.
Daemen is using this initiative in a focused effort to build an animation industry here in Buffalo. Computer animation is only one of many opportunities represented by the animation field; it is a communications medium that has become rapidly integrated into many facets of modern life. Daemen’s animation center is bringing in top-level talent — our academic director, Scott Holmes, is coming in from L.A., and has worked with several major studios including Nickelodeon; Weta Workshop; Double Negative; Sony Pictures Imageworks; and Rhythm and Hues-Los Angeles. His film credits include animation work in The Lord of the Rings: The Twin TowersGarfieldHellboy 2; and Stuart Little, among others. Scott will be in town to attend the opening January 7.  
The new Daemen animation center fully integrates an academic program with a Western New York animation studio, IBC Digital. The program is also part of global education at Daemen, linked to the national University of Mongolia, in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia. “The increasing complexity of today’s world hinges more than ever on sophisticated and widespread means of communication,” said Dr. Laura Watts Sommer, Director of the Visual and Performing Arts at Daemen College. “The International Center for Excellence in Animation will train students to employ art and technology to affect communication in all its forms: entertainment, information dispersal, performance, mass communication, international understanding, and intercultural awareness.”
Daemen’s fifth president, Dr. Edwin Clausen, is a driving force in making the College’s animation program a reality. It is Daemen’s goal to build and grow this industry in Buffalo. We believe it has great potential: graduates of this program will be able to directly transfer their skills into career fields such as computer-generated imagery; web site design; film work; television; and computer gaming.
Daemen has refurbished and renovated 17,000 square feet of space in the Tri-Main Building. IBC Digital also has studios there along with Daemen. 
We hope that Buffalo Rising readers can join us for the grand opening of the Daemen International Center for Excellence in Animation, located on the 5th floor of the Tri-Main Center, around the corner from Buffalo Arts Studios.

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