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Made with “716” Love: Paula’s Donuts Celebrates 15 Years in Buffalo

The other day I found out through Facebook of all places, that Paula’s Donuts will be celebrating their 15 year anniversary on Friday, December 16th. If the title of this article is true, that would mean that I have been obsessed with Paula’s Donuts for HALF my life! I decided since I am Paula’s biggest fan that it would only be appropriate to send some “716” LOVE her way in the form of an article. It’s the least I could do to thank her for creating my favorite donut…it’s a chocolate angel cream donut with powdered sugar on the outside. Mmmm.

SHUFFALO Presents 15 Sweet Paula Facts:

1. Paula had family members who owned another donut shop. She loved the experience so much she decided to start her own business. Paula said, “it doesn’t feel like working when you do something you love.” After meeting Paula you too will see that she is a people lover and truly enjoys the regulars who frequent her shop. My parents are regulars and talk about Paula like she is part of our family.

2. There is more to Paula than donuts. She also has a selection of cookies, muffins, danish, and bagels. Yum!

3. I personally go to Paula’s because she doesn’t skimp on ingredients, especially the fillings.  Paula told my father (who tried to take over my interview) that she pledges not to change her ingredients. This is what we coined the “Paula Pledge.”

4. When asked what her favorite donut was, Paula said, “I rotate around the case,” and frankly I don’t blame her!

5. The one thing Paula said she would do differently was advertise her business more when she started. This is great advice for any new small business.

6. Did you know Paula’s caters? Paula’s daughter Christy was very excited to show me their “Texas Donuts Wedding” they catered. It included over 25 giant Texas donuts on a multi-tiered display. Look for the picture below.

7. The recession didn’t slow down Paula’s, in fact it has been growing ever since. Maybe we should all invest in donuts?

8. Paula’s has outgrown their original location. They will be opening up a new location next year on Main Street and Harris Hill Road in Clarence.

9. Paula will remain open in her Englewood location as long as the landlord doesn’t sell the building.  

10. After talking with one of Paula’s regulars, I asked him what his secret was to looking so young, he told me, “Paula’s Donuts and running seven marathons.”  For an eighty-two year old my father and I were shocked by how young he really looked.  

11. As a thank you for your patronage Paula is offering (Friday ONLY) 15 donuts instead of 12 for each dozen purchased.

12. Did you know that if you mention “Buffalo Rising,” Paula will give you a free 12oz cup of coffee with any purchase through the month of December?! One per customer per day. Not valid with any other offers. 

13. Paula’s Donuts currently has 1,972 likes on their Facebook page.  She wants to make it to one million!  I do believe we still have one million people in WNY, so this is definitely a possibility. 

14. Paula’s opens at 4am and closes at 10pm.

15. ADVICE FROM A DONUT PRO: If you cannot eat all of the donuts you buy you can freeze them for your next Paula’s craving.

So show some 716 LOVE and let Paula know how much you love her business! I hope to see you on the 16th at 380 Kenmore Avenue, at the junction of Kenmore and Englewood, supporting my favorite donut shop. 


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This is ZACH the baker extraordinaire!
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