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Studio 464 Holiday Art Market

By MindWeb:

This First Friday, December 2, from 6-10pm, 464 Gallery will be opening all of its floors and doors with an art opening and Holiday Open Studios event.  On the first floor, the gallery will be decked with an art exhibit of fine art originals as well as locally and handmade holiday gifts from more than 100 local artists and crafters. On the second floor (and garage), Studio 464 will be showing its holiday cheer with an open studios event. Resident artists Max Collins, Marissa Lehner, Sally Rebl, Tara Sasiadek and Marcus L. Wise will be working, showing and selling their artwork. Artists will be available to discuss their work, talk about art and eat cookies with you! Open studios will continue again on Saturday, Dec 3 from 11am-8pm for all those who cannot make it Friday, or just want to come back for more. This is also a great opportunity to have a look at the last available private studio. 

Get to know a little bit about Studio 464’s resident artists in this brief Q&A: 

Tell us a bit about you and your artwork:

After finishing up school in Michigan this past spring where I studied fine art and photo-journalism, I’ve returned to the homeland to pursue my artistic endeavors while also having the ability to watch sabres games on a more consistent basis.  My work is all photography based and in the past couple years, I’ve been messing around with alternative processes of printing work and have been focusing on doing large scale pieces mosaic-ing smaller sections of the image.  I recently did a temporary mural on Elmwood of a large man meditating using the same technique.   -Max

I am an artist and art teacher currently living in Buffalo, NY. After attending Alfred University, I returned back to native Erie County and have worked with the Grant/Amherst Business Association to coordinate and create ELAB’s first public art work: the Grant/Amherst Community Mural. I have also been working on small and large scale installations using the paper craft of origami and found objects, which come together to give the viewer a full immersive art experience.  -Marissa

I am a painter.   I also teach at the Buffalo Academy of science and  464 Gallery, and am VP of Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo.  I specialize in spiritual or metaphysical portraits and run workshops in encaustic painting, or the art of using melted beeswax.  I am fascinated with myths and monsters.  For me art is about storytelling, and finding the balance between mystery and narrative in a painting is my goal.   -Tara

Philosophically, I am an artist who creates to fill a void.  I like to try to work with what I know, but realize every time that I know nothing.  I am interested in my relationships to different people, times, places, events, and things, and how they interact with everything else- both presumed known and unknown .  I work to erase the negativity from my life, and, if for nothing else, to ask questions for which there are no answers.  I believe in the beauty of the abstract and symbolic.  Aesthetically, I prefer brightness, boldness, and high-contrast.  I like my colors to be a bit too sweet for the teeth, somewhat tacky, gilded, and girly.  I am inspired by greeting cards mailed for all sorts of occasions, flowers sent for every event, and the daily pleasantries and platitudes exchanged more by obligation than genuine feeling.  I feel like black is the ultimate stabilizer.  I never work in the direction for which I intend.  I am drawn to pattern, crude geometry, and intuitive design.  Currently, I work on paper, alternating between drawing, painting, and collage.  Personally, I hold a MFA from the University at Buffalo.  I love coffee, exercise, and my husband and sons.  – Sally

What holiday indulgence can you not do without?

Homemade fudge! My dad and I still make it using my Nana’s recipe.  – Marissa

Christmas music.  Specifically, Bing Crosby and Handel’s Messiah.  Also, counting how many houses are brightly lit and decorated when driving at night.   – Sally

I rarely go through the holiday season without getting sick on cookie dough for cut-out cookies that my mom makes.  -Max

Any combination of peppermint and chocolate, gingerbread lattes, making marmalade, and sneaking snow down people’s pants.  -Tara

What can visitors expect to see in your studio?

Every wall (and then some) is covered in new and continuing work!  Plus, chocolate.  -Sally

People can expect to see a lot of random supplies/materials along with new work I’ve been making since I moved into the space a couple weeks ago.  -Max

I have a set up for encaustics (paint with beeswax), which is what most of my work has been for the past two years. Along with my christmas items, I have lots of small sculptures that I work on little by little. Its taken a few months, but i finally feel like I have nested and created a warm, inviting space to work.  -Marissa

I am working on many different series:  some oil paintings of fire-spirits, encaustic trees, and a series of wood-nymphs for my May show “Lovely, Dark, and Deep.”  Also, an awesome statue of Cthulhu, lord of the Abyss.  -Tara

Put your studio music on “random.”  What are the first three songs that come up?

“Shake it off”- Florence and the Machine, “Nutmeg”- A Colbert Christmas, and “Anthem”- Leonard Cohen  -Tara

I work in silence.  – Sally

Florence + the Machine: “No Light, No Light,” The Tallest Man on Earth: “Burden of Tomorrow”, Cut Copy: “Pharoahs and Pyramids”  – Marissa

James Brown “papa don’t take no mess,”  DJ Shadow – “what does your soul look like (part 1)”, Louis Prima – “Buona Sera”  -Max

Are you making anything special for the holiday season art-wise?

Nope.  -Max

Yes, I have been making ornaments from the origami inspired forms I have been using the past few pieces. I have the boxes, which I folded from pages with intriguing images and text, and then have dipped in beeswax to solidify the form. I have been experimenting with the “crane” form and have made some unique ornaments from those as well.   – Marissa

Nope.  I am just trying to stay as productive and busy with my current work as possible.  – Sally

I have ornaments from giant-squid to holly leaves, and I’m also offering custom portraits.  -Tara

What events or places will you make sure to do or visit in Buffalo to get your winter cheer-on this year?

I would love to continue family tradition and attend a Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra holiday event- either the Messiah or Holiday Pops- but will sadly not get the chance.  Santa will still be visited, of course!  – Sally

I have to go sledding at Chestnut Ridge Park, and walking the Elmwood strip while it is lit up a night is another must. -Tara

I am hoping that they put the colored lights up in Delaware Park this winter, I missed them last year!  – Marissa

You’ll find me at the Labatt Blue pond hockey tournament  -Max

For more information about 464 Gallery or Studio 464, visit their website at, email or call 716.983.2112.

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