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Days Park Fountain is Back in Business

After what seemed to be a lifetime, the wrought iron fence surrounding the fountain at Days Park has been replaced. Last winter a car careened into a light standard and the fountain’s fence, mangling a good section of it (yes, even fountains are targets for drivers these days). What should have been a quick fix turned out to be more troublesome than anyone would have bargained for. The historic Olmsted-designed park needed a historically accurate fence, and the search began for a company that could furnish an end product that would not only function properly, but would also look like the original. That company turned out to be Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron Inc.

The final details are being added to fence, which required an inordinate amount of detailed craftsmanship. The curving wrought iron panel was no easy task, though in the end was well worth the wait because the final product looks amazing. The fountain water is currently turned off for the season, but in the spring it will be back on again, while Olmsted gardeners attempt to mimic original plantings that appear in historic photos. Those plantings include maintained elephant ear instead of the pricker bushes that kept anyone from getting too close to the water. After all, it’s not the pricker bushes that I’d be worried about, it’s the top spikes that would deter me from trying anything.
Below is a ‘before’ photo taken by Kevin Hanna
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