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School Board Report Card

Every decision the school board makes affects the education delivered to the students of Buffalo. In order to monitor these decisions, and increase transparency and accountability within the district, Buffalo ReformED has developed a report card that defines the roles and responsibilities of the board, and creates standards to which the public can hold the board. The School Board Report Card keeps track of meeting proceedings, votes taken, and major issues discussed. Buffalo ReformED is committed to ensuring that our decision makers prioritize the needs of students within our education system; for that reason, we have developed the School Board Report Card as a tool to keep our community updated on how the school board is meeting the needs of students.  
The report card is graded on 6 categories: attendance/ preparation, meeting etiquette, participation/ staying on task, community/parental engagement, committee reports, accountability, In attending every school board meeting, we will observe these categories in action and measure whether or not the school board has effectively met them, indicating reasoning as to why or why not. 
Date: October 12, 2011
Type of Meeting: General
Duration: 5:35 – 8:43
Was Executive Session used: YES – Discussion on personnel and contracts for legal services (7:21 – 8:08)
Board Members Present: Louis Petrucci, Rosalyn Taylor, Mary Ruth Kapsiak, John Licata, Chris Jacobs, Florence Johnson, Ralph Hernandez, Sharon Belton-Cottman, Jason McCarthy 
Late: Chris Jacobs (5:47)
Votes Taken: All items listed on the agenda approved.  All items approved unanimously besides 4a (Consultant fees for expert to train teachers in new vocabulary instruction), which Cottman, Hernandez, Kapsiak and Taylor voted against. 
Final Grade: 19/30, 63.3%

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Buffalo Rising

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