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Green Springs Eternal @ The BNMC

The buzz is certainly electric over at the Medical Campus these days, though in ways that you might not expect. Currently there are 21 electric charging stations being outfitted throughout the campus, which means that anyone with an electric car will find working at the BNMC a welcome convenience. Also, electric car owners living anywhere near the district, or even passing through, will be able to recharge day and night.

What? You say that there are not many electric cars around to utilize the service? That’s most likely due to the lack of city-wide green infrastructure. Yes, you can charge up an electric car at home, and that will most likely get you to and from wherever it is you need to go. Electric cars are designed to be charged at home overnight, while stations like the one that you see here on Ellicott are meant for ‘topping off’ when a car needs to fuel up for a longer trip or has been active for a longer period than normal. 
Any way you look at it, the fact is that the Medical Campus is taking the appropriate steps to ensure that it is doing its part to create a healthy, progressive and (hopefully one day) sustainable campus. 
Now it would be nice to see an electric car dealership open somewhere in the city. Take an underutilized parking lot and dedicate it to green vehicles… I bet there would be a big demand now that charging stations are starting to spring up.
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