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Common Council Items of Interest


Meeting highlights include: Buffalo Zoo’s funding grant for Arctic Edge, testing out 50 high-tech parking meters that will accept credit cards and relay stats, architectural and engineering funding for Broderick Park Master Plan.
The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Masten District Council Member Demone A. Smith urging the United States Congress to enact the “Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011” (“H.R. 1489”) as quickly as possible. In 1933, Congress passed the “Glass-Steagall Act” which prohibited commercial banks from collaborating with full service brokerage firms or participating in investment activities. The purpose of this act was to protect bank depositors from risks associated with securities transactions. Many economists believe that the repeal of the “Glass-Steagall Act” in 1999 was a major cause of the 2007-2011 financial crisis. H.R. 1489 would re-establish a separation between commercial banking and security businesses, in the manner provided by the Glass-Steagall Act. The Council maintains that H.R. 1489 should be enacted as expeditiously as possible in order to revive the struggling economy.
The Council approved a resolution sponsored by Council Members Michael J. LoCurto and David A. Franczyk approving and endorsing the application of the Zoological Society of Buffalo for a grant under the Environmental Protection Fund for a park project known as the Arctic Edge. The Zoological Society of Buffalo, Inc. is applying to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (“OPRHP”) for the grant to fund a park project to be located at the Buffalo Zoo. As a requirement of the grant, the Zoological Society must obtain the approval and endorsement of the Common Council. Should the Zoological Society be unable to maintain the property, the Council resolves that it will forever be maintained by the City as a municipal park.
The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Ellicott District Council Member Darius G. Pridgen requesting that the New York State (“NYS”) Governor, Legislature, and Division of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvements pursue all possible avenues for renewing funding for the Children’s Center at Buffalo City Court. The Children’s Center at Buffalo City Court has been operated by the YWCA of Western New York (“WNY”) through grant funding obtained from the NYS Division of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvements. Without this funding, the YWCA of WNY lacks the resources necessary to operate the Children’s Center. The Children’s Center has provided safe and supervised drop-in daycare, free of charge, to approximately eight to nine children each day whose caregivers were appearing in connection with City Court matters. By providing these free services, the Children’s Center helped to ensure the efficient administration of justice by providing parents, witnesses and jurors lacking other childcare alternatives with a means to appear and participate in City Court proceedings without subjecting their young children to the sometimes hostile and inappropriate environment of the judicial system. Although NYS will be continuing to fund a child care center in the Buffalo Family Court building, parents and guardians appearing in City Court will not be able to use these facilities. The Council is requesting the assistance of the local WNY State legislative and judicial delegations to persuade the NYS Division of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvements to revisit and reverse the decision to discontinue funding for the Children’s Center at Buffalo City Court.
The Council approved a resolution sponsored by South District Council Member Michael P. Kearns requesting that the City of Buffalo Departments of Public Works, Permit and Inspection Services, Law and all other involved City Departments waive all fees associated with the use by Western New York United Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc. of a Band Shell for its Red Ribbon Week event being held in Cazenovia Park. Each year as part of Red Ribbon Week, WNY United hosts a contest for students to create banners that show a positive drug prevention message, which students then parade around their community and in front of judges. This year, students from four Buffalo Public Schools located in South Buffalo will be walking the banners they have created from their school buildings to Cazenovia Park where the Red Ribbon Rally and judging will take place. The Council maintains that by waiving the band shell fee, the City of Buffalo would be demonstrating its support for youth drug prevention efforts and enable WNY United to utilize their limited funding for other drug prevention programming for local youths. 
The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Masten District Council Member Demone A. Smith granting permission to Sisters of Charity Hospital to install banners along Kensington Avenue. The banners will celebrate the hospital’s anniversary celebration and promote its new Emergency Department and will be displayed from October 24, 2011 through October 24, 2012.
The Council approved the sale of the following City owned properties:
Fillmore District
338 Moselle Street  was sold to Mr. Augustus Donaldson for $1,900 
96 and 100 Warren Street was sold to Broadway Oasis, LLC for $4,500 
Masten District
363 East Ferry Street was sold to Second Chance Ministries Community Development Corporation for $14,400 
Lovejoy District
1989 Broadway was sold to Mr. Kenneth Rozler for $5,589 
Upon the recommendation of the Department Permit & Inspection Services, the Council approved the following license and permit applications:
Ellicott District
Food Store Licenses
Georgia Deli located at 272 Georgia Street
Virginia Food Market located at 224 Virginia Street
Restaurant Dance Class IV License
Big Bad Wolf located at 234 Delaware Avenue 
Masten District
Second Hand Dealer License
Appliance Plus located at 1083 Kensington Avenue 

North District
Used Car Dealer License
Chase Asset Recovery Corp. located at 269 Hinman Avenue 
South District
Food Store License
Al Kadi Market located at 2042 South Park Avenue 
University District
Used Car Dealer License
Car Business LLC located at 19 Clyde Avenue
Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning (“OSP”), the Council:
Authorized an easement agreement from National Grid in order to allow them to install a utility pole on a City-owned parking lot located at 573 Forest Avenue. The purpose for installing this utility pole is to place capacitors on the pole which will provide necessary reliability of power for the neighborhood. 
Authorized an easement agreement for Niagara Mohawk for electrical upgrades to School No. 17 located at 1800 Main Street. 
Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Parking, the Council:
Authorized the Division of Parking Enforcement to utilize two abandoned vehicles for use as enforcement vehicles. The two vehicles were available for conversion to official use and will not be take home vehicles. 
Authorized the Department of Parking to enter into a 90 day trial agreement with The IPS Gro
up, Inc. to install 50 single head meters in various locations throughout the City. These meters differ dramatically from the current single head meters in that they are easier to program, accept coin and credit card payments, and will give the department the ability to download parking information daily in order to track revenue and parking patterns. The goals of this trial are to assess the functionality, dependability, service, and ease of use of these meters for the public and City of Buffalo meter mechanics. 
Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works (“DPW”), the Council:
Authorized DPW to hire Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. for architectural and engineering services needed for the Broderick Park Master Plan Project. The costs for these services are estimated not to exceed $63,000. 
Authorized DPW to hire Wendel Companies for architectural and engineering services needed for Citywide Park Pools, Splash Pad and Facilities Projects. The costs for these services are estimated not to exceed $200,000. 
Authorized DPW to hire the following companies for emergency reconstruction of the Merriweather Library due to an automobile accident which caused substantial damage to the outside and inside of the building:
-DiDonato Associates – Structural Investigation for $4,850
-Quackenbush – Emergency Repairs, Isolation of the damaged AHU, and AHU replacement for $7,961; $6,210; and $108,285 respectively
-Morris Masonry – Reconstruction of Masonry for $56,475 
Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, the Council approved the following reports of bids:
The Shea’s Performing Arts Center Replacement of Boilers Project. Of the bids that were received, Parise Mechanical was the lowest with a bid of $177,800. 
The Tosh Collins Community Center Toilet Room Reconstruction Project. Of the bids that were received, Joseph Carino Plumbing was the lowest with a bid of $25,830. 
The Tosh Collins Community Center New Showers in Team Rooms Project. Of the bids that were received, Joseph Carino Plumbing was the lowest with a bid of $26,965. 
The Council appointed the following individual to the position of Assistant Legislative Aide II within the Masten District Common Council Office: 
Nikita Fortune
The Council approved the appointment of the following individuals to positions within various City of Buffalo Departments at steps above the base salary:
Department of Public Works
Traffic Signal Specialist
Jeremiah Adamczyk
Department of Administration, Finance, & Urban Affairs
Administrator of Treasury and Collections
Mark Comerford
Mail and Supply Clerk
Susan Dari
Superintendent of Automotive Supplies
Paul Desiderio
The Council accepted the appointment of the following individual to a position within the Department of Community Services and Recreational Programming at the base salary:
Human Resources Planner
Susan Lumadue
Photo: Council Members Darius Pridgen and Bonnie Russell awarding Proclamations to anti-violence organizations.

For any questions, concerns, or further information regarding the above, please contact your District Council Member, the Common Council Legislative Staff Office, or the respective City Department.

To view the live streaming of Common Council meetings on a personal computing device with internet access, please insert the following address into the device web-browser:

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To view the final Common Council Meeting agenda and/or supporting communications, please visit the City of Buffalo website at


David A. Franczyk
Council President
Fillmore District
1315 City Hall

David A. Rivera
President Pro Tempore
Niagara District
1504 City Hall

Richard A. Fontana
Majority Leader
Lovejoy District
1414 City Hall

Michael J. LoCurto
Delaware District
1405 City Hall

Darius G. Pridgen
Ellicott District
1408 City Hall

Demone A. Smith
Masten District
1316-A City Hall

Joseph Golombek, Jr.
North District
1502 City Hall

Michael P. Kearns
South District
1401 City Hall

Bonnie E. Russell
University District
1508 City Hall

Common Council Legislative Staff Office
1413 City Hall

James N. Jackson
Legislative Assistant
City of Buffalo Common Council
1413 City Hall
Buffalo, NY 14202

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