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Mango’z Openz

Although Mango’z is officially open, the restaurant is only offering a stripped down version of the menu (see history). In lieu of a server and paper menus, warming trays have been set up with an attendant who is versed in the food offerings. Today Mango’z was serving up coconut rice and beans, jasmine rice, curry zucchini, baked plantains, curry chicken, eggplant, jerk chicken with orange, and a few other selections. My friend ordered both styles of chicken while I asked for every non-meat item that I could get. For eight bucks each, we both got a chance to try out just about everything that had been prepared.

I was happy having a variety of foods to sample and especially liked the moist rice and the spicy baked plantains. I’m not a big eggplant or zucchini fan, which made my vegetarian experience a bit how I expected – I knew that the meat selections were going to be the star of the show, and I was right. My friend really, really enjoyed the jerk chicken, noting that it was juicy and packed a spicy punch. While he ate, he continued to express his deep satisfaction with both of his choices, and signed off with a clean plate. As much as the menu is only getting started, we were happy to try the food out of the gate and both felt that Mango’z’ soft opening will lead to better and bolder creations. 
While we ate, we listened to the Island music playing in the background – finally a culinary themed restaurant that actually played something other than rock! It’s about time that this long-dormant location was back in business. I look forward to stopping back in when the full scale menu is ready.
Mango’z Jamaican Restaurant
577 Forest Ave, 
Buffalo, NY 14222


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