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Bass Pro. Geico. Free Lunch by David Cay Johnson is a MUST READ

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library Staff Review by Carol Ann Strahl:

I must preface this review with the caveat,  “If you suffer from hypertension, please take your meds before you commence to read this book. YOU WILL NEED THEM.”

As of this date, America has a $14.3 trillion government debt compounded yearly by $400 billion in interest. These facts seem to mean naught as Washington continues to dole out subsidies to friends and political allies.

We learn that the Cayman Islands are home to more bank deposits than the financial capital of the world, New York City.  By conducting business offshore, hedge funds are kept secret from the American tax authorities.  The top 25 hedge fund managers made an average of $570 million each in 2006.  We learn how these funds work and how the investors are strictly restricted to the already wealthy.  Northwest Airlines’ bankruptcy emergence is explored as well as the actions of infamous Jack Abramoff.

The Bass Pro situation in Buffalo is briefly discussed as well as the creation of the Geico Call Center in Amherst.  Warren Buffett received $100 million in government incentives to open the call center.  It cost $40 million, so Buffett’s empire is $60 million dollars richer.  Much more is revealed.  There is apparently only one party in Washington –the MONEY Party.  No one is going to initiate reform for us.  It starts with you and me. 

An interesting aside: the Federal Government spends about $5 million dollars a minute.

A must read for every taxpayer.

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