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Where the buffalo play!

There’s a new LaSalle Park playground that has virtually sprung up overnight. It’s situated directly in front of Centennial Pool, and creates an interesting visual for anyone who might be passing by. At first we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking at when a group of us pulled into the park this past Monday. As we walked up to the herd of buffalo we realized that they were meant to be climbed on since there were platform stones stationed by each figure. The buffalo were part of the playground. How cool!

Next to the herd was an organic looking playground of the traditional sort, and next to that was a picnic shelter built with posts resembling wooden logs. There were even faux hallowed out tree trunks for kids to climb through. This was one of the more thoughtful playgrounds that I have seen, and fits in great with all of the other amenities and surroundings at the park, including the splash pad. The work on this project is not 100% complete yet, since the area was still cordoned off – the benches for parental units looked to have been recently installed. It appears that the play park is only a matter of days away from opening to the public.

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