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Update: Buffalo Unscripted Publishes More Details

The National Trust for Preservation’s “Buffalo Unscripted” project has released a detailed filming schedule for dates from July 16 through July 23.  Buffalo Unscripted is a film project being produced in advance of and as part of the upcoming National Trust conference in Buffalo this August. From the “Buffalo Unscripted”  web site:

This July 16-24, the National Trust for Historic Preservation will hit the streets of Buffalo to tell the real story of a city that everyone seems to have an opinion about – whether they live here or not. Through meet-ups scheduled in neighborhoods across town, we’ll ask Buffalonians to go on camera to talk about the place they call home, its past, and its future.

We need your help! Unscripted is all about capturing the spirit of a city. The more people at our meet-ups, the more opinions/perspectives/ideas/reflections we end up capturing. Help us spread the word in your neck of the woods by downloading a flyer. There are four fun ones to choose from (we believe in options), and each would look great in, say, the window of your favorite coffee shop. Or dive bar. Or local restaurant. Or art gallery. Or tattoo parlor. Or…


Oh,  and if you are a Buffalo expat don’t despair. They want you to get involved too!  Check out this page for more information on how you can submit your own video on Buffalo from afar. From the web site:

Attention members of the Buffalo Expat Network: Just because you no longer call Buffalo home doesn’t mean you can’t participate in Buffalo Unscripted. love to hear from you. All you need is a camera (web cam, cell phone, iPad, point-and-shoot…whatever captures moving pictures) to film your own interview and an Internet connection.

So, local or expat –  go to the links below and download the flyers and make sure they show up in as many windows as possible throughout the city.  Also below is the filming schedule.  Each event is – of course – open to everyone and will include some surprises and access to places normally closed to the public.  The more people that participate the more Buffalo can shine in this film!

    Window flyers

    Film Schedule July 17 – July 24

    You can follow and join Buffalo Unscripted on Twitter using #BUFunscripted

    Learn more about the Buffalo Unscripted team here.

Stay tuned for more on how you can be a part of this project.

Written by David Steele

David Steele

Architect ( a real one, not just the armchair type), author of "Buffalo, Architecture in the American Forgotten Land" ( ), lover of great spaces, hater of sprawl and waste,
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