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Theoligical ‘Thursdays’: Pride Parade Past the Presbyterians

This week, the Pride Parade, with its new route, assembles outside our church.  As I considered what, if anything, the church should do, a good discussion developed on my facebook page.

Instead of my usual post, I invited one of the participants in that discussion, Kristen Becker, to have a longer conversation, which we will have posted for your listening pleasure momentarily.

The relationship between the church and the LBGT community has been a rocky one, to say the least.  This Sunday is an opportunity, perhaps, for some healing.

Our services are always open to all people, and will continue to do so.  If marchers want to join us for worship, we meet at 10am, and will be sure to end before the 11am line up time.  Additionally, we plan on opening our building to make restrooms available, and we will also likely make some light refreshments available.  In worship, I will preach a message that community begins with the kind of listening that happens at a shared meal.

What actions, if any, do you think the church ought to take?

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