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Taste of Diversity… most spirits aren’t dampened

By Thea Hassan:

The 9th annual Taste of Diversity opened to thunder and lightening this year (Saturday), but festival throwers and goers attended nonetheless, for the most part.

The Taste of Diversity offers samples of various ethnic cuisine, in honor of the diversity of Buffalo, particularly the West Side.  Thunderstorms and rain put a damper on the festival, causing some vendors to leave, and the performance stage to be shut down due to lightening. Performers left after getting wet.

“We can’t give up,” said a volunteer I was speaking with regarding the trouble the rain caused. So the festival continued.

The sun did peak out for a bit in the afternoon, and festival goers seemed to enjoy the down-sized festival despite the cloudy skies. Among the diverse dishes offered were Peruvian, Puerto Rican, American, Mediterranean, and Burmese. There was “sand art that you can eat,” Puerto Rican beef and cheese pastelillos, Burmese tea leaf salad, La Phet Thote, and some rather delectable rice pudding.

The Hispanic Health Information Vendor, featuring authentic Puerto Rican food, mentioned their dishes usually come with bread, but they had to put it away because it was getting wet.

The Taste of Diversity is presented by the Grant-Ferry Association.

Lead image: Festival-goers look at Native American jewelry

A lone performer strums her instrument under the cover of the welcome tent, while volunteers sell food tickets.

This writer enjoys a lamb-veal meatball from O’Connells

Written by Buffalo Rising

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