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Common Council Items of Interest


Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Community Services and Recreational Programming, the Council:

Authorized the Department of Community Services and Recreational
Programming to fund $100,000 to the Buffalo Niagara Convention and
Visitors Bureau Foundation (“CVB”) for the purpose of funding a portion
of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission‘s (“BFNC”) 2010-2011 mission to facilitate and expand film, television and video production in the City of Buffalo.
The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Michael J. LoCurto, Michael P. Kearns, Joseph Golombek, Jr., David A. Rivera, and David A. Franczyk designating the cross-border Niagara region as an International Corridor of Peace and Cooperation. The cross-border region was at the frontline of the War of 1812, a seminal period in the process of nation building in both the United States and Canada. Within this region, many decisive battles were fought, reporting the greatest number of casualties and the longest continual period of conflict. The War of 1812 significantly affected civilian populations on both sides of the Niagara River, especially when the flames of war burned British-Canadian, American and Tuscarora settlements along the Niagara River in December of 1813. From the death and destruction of the War of 1812 was born a spirit of cooperation and a vision of peace between the United States and Canada. In the year 2012, the United States and Canada will be celebrating the 200th year anniversary of the War of 1812 led by the Niagara 1812 Bicentennial Legacy Council. The Council maintains that the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812 offers an exceptional opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the true and lasting legacy of 200 years of peace along the Niagara River between the United States and Canada.
The Council approved the sale of the following City owned properties:

Ellicott District
125 and 127 Spruce Street was sold to Tatanka Development Company, Inc. for $2,500

Lovejoy District
2315 Bailey Avenue was sold to Mr. Leonard Carpenter and Ms. Joy Kelly for $3,000
The Council approved the appointment of the following individual to a position within a City of Buffalo Departments at a step above the base salary:

Department of Public Works
Truck Driver
James Wozniak

The Council accepted the appointment of the following individuals to positions within various City of Buffalo Departments at the base salary:

Department of Fire
•             Brian Renowden
•             John Watkins
•             Mark Sumbrum
•             Kevin Burke
•             Marc Brocato
•             Donald Herbert
•             Richard Page
•             Brent Barrie
•             Justin Disilva
•             Kevin Kilianski
•             Daniel Istas
•             Francis Snyder
•             Tory Mustarella
•             Colin Hartman
•             Justin Sicienski
•             Matthew Rathke
•             Justin Sumbrum
•             James Dole II
•             Donald Woodhull
•             Christopher Connors
•             Jonathan McAndrews
•             Karl Hawthorn, Jr.
•             Jeffrey Chadwick
•             William Cybulski
•             Oscar Velez
•             Daniel Pizzaro
•             Samuel Campbell
•             Terrance Wallace
•             Jamar Calhoun
•             Jerry Johnson
•             Moses Kirkland, Jr.
•             Emil Barnes
•             Jacques Robinson
•             Robert Ricks
•             Otis Stephens

Division of Citizen Services
Complaint Clerk
•             Veronica Gerald

Department of Public Works
Senior Engineering Aide
•             Desmond Nalls

Laborer II
•             Perry Pope

Truck Driver
•             Jody Torres
•             John Kaiser
•             Thomas Gill
•             Laura Austin
•             Larry Judd

Account Clerk Typist
•             Vincent Lopez

Senior First Class Stationary Engineer
•             Charles Kulp

Water Service Worker – Seasonal
•             Dennis Redfern

Department of Human Resources
•             Celia Quintana
Department of Audit and Control
Junior Auditor
•             Elizabeth Krause
Upon the recommendation of the Department Permit & Inspection Services, the Council approved the following license and permit applications:

Lovejoy District

Restaurant Dance License
Caribbean Experience located at 2897 Bailey Avenue

North District

Restaurant Dance Class III License
Acqua located at 2192 Niagara Street
The Council denied the following license and permit application:

University District

Food Store License
WNY Brother’s Enterprises Inc. located at 900 Kensington Avenue
The Council approved the following contract change orders submitted by the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works (“DPW”):

The contract with LiRo Engineering Inc. for the Fargo Avenue Reconstruction Pro
ject was increased by $117,000 for additional construction services related to the acquisition of two parcels of real property from D’Youville College. The contract was initially awarded in the amount of $152,200 and with this and prior changes the contract will increase to $454,200.

The contract with Fisher Associates for the Seneca Street Streetscape and Signal Optimization Project was increased by $37,000 to complete necessary revisions to the final plans, specifications, and estimate (“PS & E”) documents and to assist the City of Buffalo in implementing newly developed signal time of day plans.

Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Fire, the Council:

Authorized the Department of Fire to participate in the Erie County Fire Mutual Aid Plan. The objective of this plan is to provide organized, cooperative, and reciprocal assistance to other fire departments throughout Erie County and adjacent areas in which the services of a firefighter or other appropriate first responder is necessary.

Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Parking, the Council:

Authorized the Department of Parking to amend the current Parking Lot Lease Agreement between the City of Buffalo and Kaleida Health to include four additional parking spaces in the rear of the Bryant Street Residential Area Parking Program (“RAPP”) lot. Kaleida Health currently leases 29 parking spaces in the rear of the lot for valet services for visitors to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital. Kaleida Health currently pays $20,880 annually for use of these spaces. This amendment increases the revenue to the City of Buffalo from the current lease amount of $20,880 to $23,760.

Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Law, the Council:

Authorized the Comptroller of the City of Buffalo to issue a property tax refund to the Buffalo Rehabilitation Action Company (“BRACO-I”) in the amount of $8,280. On November 30, 1977 and agreement was executed by the City of Buffalo and BRACO-I imposing a real property tax ceiling in the amount of $45,599 on City and County taxes for the real property identified within the agreement. If in any fiscal year the combined City and County real property tax liability exceeds $45,599, BRACO-I is entitled to a refund of the excess taxes paid above and beyond the ceiling amount. The refund is apportioned between the City of Buffalo and the County of Erie and is based upon tax rates prevailing at the time.

Upon the request of the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works (“DPW”), the Council:

Authorized DPW to purchase a High Density Filing System and related services for the City Court Basement Booking and Short-Term Detention Project. The new filing system is necessary to update the existing outdated court filing system and relocate the files to a new location. The vacated spaces are necessary to build a new booking and short-term detention facility in the basement of City Court for the Buffalo Police Department.

The Council approved the reports of bids from the City of Buffalo Department of Public Works for the following project:

The Crackfilling of City Pavements – 2011 Project. Of the bids that were received, Midland Asphalt Materials, Inc. was the lowest with a bid of $95,558.

The Seneca Street Bridge Emergency Repair Project. Of the bids that were received, Union Concrete & Construction Corp. was the lowest with a bid of $43,780.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Humboldt Basin Improvements Project. Of the bids that were received, Man O’Trees was the lowest with a bid of $2,993,000.

Photo – Council Members at May 31st Regular Meeting of The Common
Council (Left to Right) David Rivera, Joe Golombek, Bonnie Russell,
Richard Fontana, and Michael LoCurto.

For any questions, concerns, or further information regarding the above, please contact your District Council Member, the Common Council Legislative Staff Office, or the respective City Department.

To view replays of a Common Council Meeting please visit the City of Buffalo Government Television website at

To view the final Common Council Meeting agenda and/or supporting communications, please visit the City of Buffalo website at and select the Common Council link.


David A. Franczyk
Council President
Fillmore District
1315 City Hall

David A. Rivera
President Pro Tempore
Niagara District
1504 City Hall

Richard A. Fontana
Majority Leader
Lovejoy District
1414 City Hall

Michael J. LoCurto
Delaware District
1405 City Hall

Darius G. Pridgen
Ellicott District
1408 City Hall

Demone A. Smith
Masten District
1316-A City Hall

Joseph Golombek, Jr.
North District
1502 City Hall

Michael P. Kearns
South District
1401 City Hall

Bonnie E. Russell
University District
1508 City Hall

Common Council Legislative Staff Office
1413 City Hall

Written by Sarah Maurer

Sarah Maurer

I moved to Buffalo to attend Canisius College in 2007 and began writing for Buffalo Rising as a journalism intern in 2010. Working with Newell and meeting numerous entrepreneurs, activists and everyday folks who were working to make their city better made a huge impact on my decision to stay here. After witnessing all the positive development and grassroots initiatives happening in neighborhoods throughout the city, I was inspired to pursue a term of service in AmeriCorps and a career in Buffalo's non-profit sector. I currently work in the housing department at the Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY and am excited to be a part of their ongoing efforts to revitalize the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood. I also volunteer as the project coordinator for Artfarms Buffalo. I continue to write for Buffalo Rising because I love having the opportunity to stay connected to those working toward positive changes for the Queen City.

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