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Remember The Meaning

Reposted from BRO on Memorial Day 2005. I’m back from Forest Lawn with an updated photo, which I will do each Memorial Day:

While driving down Main Street earlier today, a couple of I couldn’t help but notice the thousands of little American flags adorning the grave markers at Forest Lawn Cemetery. I remembered that when I was younger a friend of mine’s job was to plant all of those little flags. I never thought too much about it other than they were an awesome sight to behold.

Today was different. There was a beautiful light shining on the motionless flags. And Main Street was unusually quiet due to the holiday. So I pulled over and snapped a photo. On the way home I thought about what to say if and when I posted the photo. What can words say that the photo doesn’t? I guess the only thing I can hope for by sharing this photo and these thoughts with you is… my day was pretty busy, and had we not driven by Forest Lawn, I don’t know how much I would have thought about the meaning behind Memorial Day.

This is my way of giving thanks to everyone who planted or raised a flag on this day, helping to remind all of us that no matter how busy our lives may be, we need to take a few moments to think of those who once put their lives on the line for our country…

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