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Peg’s Park will soon be our park…

Festival park continues to gain speed in the form of a bandshell performance stage, pergola, railings, winding paths, ornamental light standards, a boardwalk, and extended platform over the river and just about everything else that a stellar waterfront venue should have. A visit over the weekend unveiled an unexpected sight that led me to wander the grounds, feeling as if I was a kid who had just discovered a new playground in my neighborhood. The best part is, Buffalo River Fest Park is a family playground that will allow visitors to partake in concerts, marriage ceremonies, picnics, reunions and boating events… all along the long forgotten Buffalo River, and just a three minute bike ride from the Inner Harbor.

We owe it all to the undeterred vision of Peg Overdorf who rallied to make all of this happen. Without her fortitude Buffalo River Fest Park would still be a rendering on a table, just as many waterfront renderings sit and collect dust. A visit to ‘Peg’s Park’ is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Peg tells me that, “The sod and landscaping goes in this week, railings will be completed this week, sidewalks and new curb along Ohio Street over the next few weeks. Take note of the beautiful Irish Harp in the keystone on the wall of the bandshell. This is symbolic of the Irish heritage of this area and of all the great music that will be performed at this site. We are soliciting photographers and artists to set up shop for an all new Art and Photography Show on Saturday, June 18th. This year a tug from Great Lakes Tugs will join us and the Cotter (fire boat) will be offering rides up the Buffalo River on both Friday and Saturday. Opening day has not yet been confirmed.”

^This is an original rendering and does not reflect any changes since original conceptual plans were released 

Just remember one thing – the park’s name. The park is designed to bring people to the waterfront to enjoy all sorts of festivals this summer. When looking upon Buffalo River Fest Park, I still have to rub my eyes to make sure that I’m not staring at a mirage that will disappear as suddenly as it sprang up. And the next time someone tells you that one person can’t make a difference in Buffalo… think again.


^Click to enlarge

Buffalo River Fest Park is within short walking distance of Swannie House, Father Conway Park (with softball diamonds), a canoe and kayak launch, and the BSRA Rowing Boathouse.

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