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Selling [ Off ] Buffalo

Hertel Avenue mid century vintage reseller CooCooU is auctioning a piece of Buffalo history on Ebay.  They list a faceted art deco lantern from the New York Central Terminal for a minimum bid of $7,800 plus shipping (seen here).  Bidding ends February 27th.  No bids have been received yet.  The seller notes that they have held and sold a half dozen of these light fixtures in the past few years.  While it is great to know these things still exist in good condition it is sad that Buffalo’s treasures continue to be scattered across the planet.  “Across the planet” is not an exaggeration – parts of the Central Terminal have been traced to places as far off as Hong Kong (see here) and a yacht in South Africa.  A bit closer to home Navarro Gallery in Toronto is also offering another original fixture (same style) for sale at $9000 (see here).
Can this one, already in Buffalo, be kept in Buffalo? Can the Toronto fixture be brought back? It would be great to find someone with a bit of pocket change laying around to buy and donate these beauties to the Central Terminal Restoration Corp.  With minimal resources, the Terminal Corp. has made huge progress on securing and restoring the terminal.  There is a long way still to go and I am told they will be releasing a master plan for complete restoration in the near future.  At this time the Terminal Corporation cannot spend limited funds re-obtaining and reproducing decorative items while they are concentrating on the very important task of sealing the building against the elements and stabilizing it against further decline.  Donations are the only way these valuable original items can be secured and put back in place at this time. The Terminal Corporation notes that donations are tax deductible.  You can contact them through their website.
At first I thought these lanterns were from the main waiting room.  In actuality they are from the dismembered passenger waiting concourse to the east of the main building.  They sat on top of stone pylons flanking entrances to the train platforms. There were something like 20 to 24 of them.  All of them were allegedly sold off (legally) by a previous owner.  Unfortunately the passenger waiting concourse is still owned by Amtrak and is not in any way controlled by the Terminal Restoration Corporation. There is no effort at this time to save or stabilize this section of the terminal.  However, I am told that Amtrak is not against working with the Restoration Corporation to reunite the structures at some point in the future. The concourse was ingloriously severed from the terminal to accommodate taller freight trains which pass around the northern edge of the terminal.  I say ingloriously because a section of the concourse bridging the track was simply removed with no effort to seal up the gaping opening in either the terminal or the orphaned concourse. The concourse remains completely open to the elements.
The Terminal Corporation intends to completely restore  the main hall with intentions to put back all of its spectacular art deco elements, whether that be original or replication.  They would love to have these items donated or at least have a close look at originals to get accurate information for replications.  Anything you can do to help that effort is welcome.

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