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Buffalo Needs A Sabres Fight Song

Do the Buffalo Sabres need a fight song? There are some who feel with the changing of the guard, there should also be some lyrics for fans to chant and shout after a goal is scored. Kinda like a good European soccer match? Maybe a bit more simple? Whatever the case, there’s nothing current and the old tunes are getting stale. There are those of us who still know the words to the 1975 Sabres song, ‘We’re gonna win that cup!’ (Me and the Buffalo Sabres yeah, yeah, yeah.) There were at least three versions of that song to be produced over the years. Then there was ‘Sabres fever’, ‘Fa-la-la-la-la-Lafontaine’… all of those songs can be listened to online. Still, no fight song…

Sabres’ fan Scott Michalak is on a mission to rally other Sabres fans and the Sabres’ team to come up with a fight song. He’s even gone so far as to create an online petition (for you to sign) that he hopes will get the puck sliding. From Scott:

It might be of interest to you and your production that an on-line petition has just gone live, the aim of which is to urge the Sabres to create a fight song (much like the Bills have the “Shout” song). With the ownership transition, it’s a very intriguing and topical story.  The link to the petition:

To:  Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres should have a fight song. Something short that plays to get everyone in the arena pumped up and that is played after every Sabres goal.

The Buffalo Bills have the Shout song and the Sabres need their own version. The fight song should be something unique to Buffalo and to the Sabres. The Dance of the Sabres is great but has no words and is more of a theme than a fight song.

It should be quick and to the point and something that people can cheer along with after having a few beers. A fine example: The audio is rough, but the guy has heart and you can feel his passion for the Sabres.

This is the sort of thing that inspires both the players and fans. In a new era of Buffalo Sabres hockey, this is something that Terry Pegula should add to help take the team to another level.


The Undersigned

^ A YouTube video linked from the petition page to the Buffalo74 website with an example of a fight song submission.

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