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The Beat Goes On

By : Alexandrea Ozoria
KissMas Bash was nothing short of explosive and was a definite a must see! Popular artists, new and old came to perform at HSBC Arena for one of the most deserving causes in Buffalo this time of year. For 2010, Kiss 98.5 sold blinking snowflake hats, striving to support the Roswell Cancer Institute’s cause – an endeavor well made. Entire sections twinkled like pink and blue stars in the night, as if beacons of hope for the future.

Performances from Charice and Maroon 5 really got the crowd excited… and of course, Kevin Rudolph can only be described in one word: ‘Exhilarating!’ An awesome performance, hands down, no contest – can you say “let it rock”?  Miranda Cosgrove, had fans running to their seats in anticipation for her debut.

These seasoned artists didn’t fall a hair short during their brilliant performances, having no problem enticing ‘the animal’ in the crowds. This being significantly true for one of the freshest bands out: The Neon Trees, whose bass player, Branden Campbell kindly gave a moment for me to interview him:

It started with a name.

When Tyler Glenn (Vocalist/ Synthesizer) and his friends were still in high school they would go to lunch, where they would see a sign “Neon Palm Trees” – a name which they agreed would be a sweet name for a band. Before he and Chris Allen (guitarist) came together as a group,  they concluded that would be the name of the band, shortening it to “Neon Trees”.


The funny thing…

As fate would have it, it was Brandon’s father (Steve) who actually built and put up the very same neon trees that the band was named for, ten years prior to Tyler even seeing the signs! Technically, Brandon’s Dad  is the one to thank for inspiring their name.

Tyler and Chris had started playing in Southern California where once again, parents paved their way. The fathers shared an office and soon learned that both of their sons held a passion for music and lived around the same neighborhood… just around corner from one another. The inspiring musicians moved to Provo, Utah for college. They met Branden Campbell and Elaine Doty (Drummer) while performing around town. The rest, one could say is history…

From the very beginning it seemed as though fate itself had brought the band together and the unification of these four individuals marked the beginnings of one of the most amazing bands to appear on stage.

The Neon Tree’s lyrics are the work of their vocalist, Tyler Glenn and depending on the process, a word(s) or part may be added from another in the group. Musically however, the entire band collaborates in making the song!


Did I mention that they were spectacular?

You couldn’t request a more explosive performance.  The dynamism that Neon Trees generated, was astounding from start to finish. You could feel this throughout your entire body – very much like lycanthropy!

And as a special gift from the band to you:

“Wish List”, their new Christmas single, is free on iTunes this week and is a MUST HAVE! Not to mention it’s a refreshing change from the usual Christmas party play list selection, while still upholding traditional values of course. Something you don’t find often.

I hope that they continue the phenomenal work and that they perform in Buffalo again.

‘Tis the season!
Cheryl Gorski (photographer) acquainted herself with the band while attending a roof top party in Manhattan’s Marriott Hotel. Leaving this roof top party, they met in the elevator. Apparently, Manhattan’s Fashion Night Out induces droves of people to run amok throughout designer’s boutiques and streets. Nevertheless, as travel can be challenging above ground, especially for two friends in heals, Cheryl suggested riding the bus downtown, resulting in a remarkably fun photo shoot in the back row of the bus! Miraculously no other people were riding the bus at the time – a photographer’s dream situation.
Thankfully, Kiss 98.5 & HSBC Arena assisted in a fun reunion for Cheryl and the Neon Trees. Cheryl and I send out our deepest appreciation to Nicholas Picholas from Kiss 98.5, and Tracey L. Penner of the Sabres for their assistance.
-ACO. & CG

All photos: Cheryl Gorski

Written by WCPerspective


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