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Locally Grown Living Christmas Trees

By Liz Lipsitz:

Once again, Urban Roots is carrying living evergreen trees in several nice varieties for the holidays.  They are potted trees, 3-4′ tall, they smell great and decorate up beautifully for Christmas.  We have 8 different species, including four firs and four spruces.  This year, for the first time, these trees have been grown locally and supplied to us directly from the grower.  We are very pleased with the progress we have made in the past year in finding local sources for more and more of the products we carry at Urban Roots, especially our plant stock.  When we can provide a quality product, proven hardy in our harsh climate, and work with other Western New Yorkers trying to make a living in the same economy we are, this seems like a winning situation for all concerned.

Use a Live Tree For the Holidays, Keep it Alive Long After

The nicest thing about these trees is that they can live on after the holidays are over.  Most of them will grow quite large, providing evergreen foliage and a great habitat for wildlife for years to come.  Plant your tree in your yard or garden, and it can be a remembrance of your precious family holiday time.  We can provide full instructions for caring for your tree during the holidays, and planting it afterward, including protecting it for the winter at Urban Roots if you don’t have a hole pre-dug and the soil freezes before you can get it in the ground.  

Donate a Live Tree and Help Green Your Community, Your City

Many people may not have the space, the time, or the inclination to plant their living Christmas tree in their own yard or garden.  We are especially proud this year to offer a program for donating your tree after you are finished with it, so that it can live on as part of the effort to green our communities, our city.  Just bring your tree back to us at Urban Roots, and choose either Grass Roots Gardens of Buffalo, or the Buffalo Olmsted  Parks Conservancy to be the recipient of your tree.  We will keep the tree protected until spring, and notify you of it’s location after it has been planted.  Your donation gets you a tax deduction, and gives a way for you to participate in the good work done by these organizations to make our city a greener and better place to live, work and garden.

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