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LQC: Solar Caroussel

Roger Schroeder:

Sometime back when the first solar powered carrousel was proposed, I produced this rendering to help imagine what it might look like in the canal harbor development. The design was rejected by some as not being exciting enough for a solar powered carrousel and I can understand the thinking.

The original proposal was much more complex and a challenge to integrate into the site. I suggest this project as a way of thinking of small parts contributing to a whole that is much more than the elements. The carrousel does not have to be a corporation with an executive director, classrooms, a food court and programs … it can just be the carrousel uniquely powered by the sun or maybe the wind mill down the lake – (Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper -LQC).

Plots are already in place for a building this size, everything does not have to be decided before we can start. We have the needed historic plan in place. We just need the vision to see the whole in the parts.



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