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Searching For Ghosts at the Buffalo Central Terminal

With the coming of Halloween, the Buffalo Central Terminal will be  offering several opportunities for one to witness the paranormal.

On Sunday October, 31st, the Terminal will open its doors to a team of ghost hunters from the Atlantic Paranormal Society, who will be completing a search for ghostly activity within the Terminal walls.  The Syfy television channel will be broadcasting the search from the Terminal on their show Ghost Hunters Halloween Live.

“We are extremely excited that the Terminal will be featured on a national platform,” said Central Terminal Restoration Corporation President Mark Lewandowski.  “During its 50-year history as Western New York’s primary transportation hub, millions of people passed through the Terminal concourse, many for the last time.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few souls, along the way, missed their train.”

According to Marty Biniasz of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, since the first time the Terminal was featured on Ghost Hunters Halloween Live, it has become of the most popular episodes amongst viewers.  The show will also provide a preview for the events taking place at the Terminal on the following weekend.

On Friday, November 5 and Saturday November 6, the Terminal will be hosting Public Ghost Hunts from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.  Beyond Ghosts, LLC will be leading the exploration. The six-hour tour will begin with a brief introductory presentation on the history of the Terminal and the stories of the paranormal activity that has taken place there in the past.  Then, participants will be split up into smaller groups to wander the Terminal in search of the unusual, using “state of the art” ghost hunting equipment.

Several areas of the Terminal that are normally not accessible to the public will be opened up during the search. This will include the tower area, a former apartment that has since been converted into a condominium and the cavernous trolley lobby in the sub-basement.  Participants will be able to get a sense for themselves of the eeriness within these restricted rooms.

“We’re looking forward to capping off our 2010 season with this week of ghosts,” Biniasz said.  All proceeds from the event will go towards the goal of stabilizing and preserving the Terminal complex.

Tickets to
the Public Ghost Hunts are available for $75 on the Buffalo Central Terminal website. The tours will be limited to 75 people per session.  According to Biniasz, the SyFy broadcast is likely to draw more interest, so interested individuals should secure tickets this week.

The Ghost Hunters Halloween Livebroadcast will be a closed set.  The public cannot gain access to the Central Terminal property during this session. 

Written by David Steele

David Steele

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