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Preview: First Annual Buffalo Screams Horror Festival

Finally, there is now a festival that isn’t rooted in a joke from a bad Farrelly Bros. animated movie. The First Annual Buffalo Screams Horror Festival kicks off tonight at the Screening Room* and runs through Sunday, October 24th. Founded by Buffalo’s own Emil J. Novak and Greg Lamberson, the festival hopes to showcase various genre fare made outside of Buffalo as well as made in Buffalo. In addition, there will be many guests that will be honored at the convention.

The guest of honor would be none other than legendary scream queen, Debbie Rochon. You may have seen her in such films as Tromeo & Juliet, Final Examination, and Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash. Also scheduled to appear is Mike Boas, part of the executive board of the Rochester Movie Makers. His animation worked was featured in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Other Gods and contributed to Night of the Living Dead: Re-Animated (scheduled to play at the Screening Room this Friday at 5:38). Recently announced, Canadian filmmaker Brett Kelly will be on hand to present his action adventure film, Avenging Force: The Scarab. Other films under his direction include Iron Soldier (with the one, the only Joe Estevez) and The Bonesetter.

The films featured include a wealthy crop of homemade Buffalo films. The local entries include, but aren’t limited to, X-Strike Studios’ Resident Horror, the mockumentary short Davis (the audience favorite from the Buffalo branch of the 2010 48 Hour Film Festival), The “Adrift” segment from Emil Novak’s zuvembie-romp Decayed, Greg Lamberson’s Slime City Massacre, and Jay Mager’s biker drama Born to Die. Entries from outside the WNY area include documentary Under the Scares, The Defiled, Werewolf Fever, and the documentary Herschell Gordon Lewis: Godfather of Gore. Feel free to bring your own barf bags for the proceedings if necessary.

The festivities will conclude on Sunday night with a special awards dinner held at My Tomato Pie. There, honors will be handed out to winners in various categories. The price for the awards dinner is $16.99 per person. The cost of attendance is $13.00 a day or $39.00 for all four days excluding the awards dinner.

For full details, visit the official website See this as a chance for Buffalo’s cinema reputation to shine for a second time this year. According to co-founder Greg Lamberson, “We want to bring films and filmmakers from around the world to this festival, we want to spotlight local filmmakers, and we want to put on a festival that visiting filmmakers will speak well of when it’s over, so more filmmakers will want to attend the following year.”

Come out and help make people think of Buffalo in a way that doesn’t involve stalled bridge construction, indecisive use of the waterfront, sub-par sports teams, five months of snow, sauce-drenched chicken wings, decaying architecture, and a recently screwed-over arts community.

Stay posted to Buffalo Rising for reviews and possibly interviews with some of the filmmakers.

*Screening Room at Northtown Plaza

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