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Buffalo Dining Cards

Western New Yorkers love to eat. We especially love to eat at restaurants, as evidenced by our overwhelming number of independently-owned dining options. In arguably shinier parts of the country, chains drown out the competition, leaving no room for the little guy. But not here. We love the old, time-worn establishments serving up food like our grandmothers made just as much as we care for the new and polished locales with innovative offerings. We also hold dear many of the restaurants that land somewhere between.

The only thing that we might appreciate more than food and restaurants is a good deal. There has never been a shortage of good deals to be had, either. Coupons and mailers were once the standard, but with the advent of the internet, dining deals have evolved. Still, there are some discomforts that come with most of these offerings. They don’t really allow for spontaneity, since you have to be at a computer with a printer in order to take advantage of them. Additionally, handing over a letter-sized piece of paper with your bill can be awkward in a fine establishment. Then there’s remembering all of the stipulations that accompany each offer.

Finally, an answer has arrived, and it’s a sleek, smartly packaged answer at that! Buffalo Dining Cards are packaged just like a deck of cards, but each card allows for a single $10 discount on a meal at a local restaurant. The rules are simple: the discount doesn’t cover liquor, tax or tip, and the bill must total at least $25. Plus, there aren’t any blackout dates, so each card is valid through December 31, 2011. Easy, right? 52 cards make up each deck, offering the $10 off value at 46 restaurants, with the other 6 cards being bonus freebies (like a free cupcake at Zillycakes).

The dining deck retails for only $20 and can be purchased online, as well as at a variety of local shops. Conveniently sized to live in your glove compartment or handbag, they are a must for those who love to dine out and a perfect gift for fellow foodies.

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