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The Angry Bees

There is another bike group hitting the roads these days. It’s not Critical Mass, or the Midnight Madness gang, or the Lazy Randonneur Club. It’s The Angry Bees, a group of cyclists that departs from Allentown every Wednesday at 7pm. They meet at The Hive just around the corner from Hardware. The group looks to have around 50 members, many of whom wear yellow shirts with wide black bee-like stripes. Their ultimate destination is McCarthy’s Pub in the old First Ward – an extremely bike-friendly watering hole.

For those people who feel that these cycle groups can get a bit out of hand, rest assured that The Angry Bees are harmless for the most part. The queen bee leads the swarm down Allen Street, along Main Street to the waterfront, onto South Park (past 120 South Park), to the Michigan Bridge, along the river and in through the door of McCarthy’s. The Queen Bee is responsible for rounding up the swarm, directing the swarm and making sure that the individual bees are accounted for.

If you’re looking to join up with The Angry Bees, the best thing to do is to show up with your bike at Hardware just before 7pm on a Wednesday and wait until they cruise around the corner. Once you’re in the swarm you may be introduced to The Hive… bring your honey and some money and be a part of the newest buzz.


Buffalo, NY

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