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The Little Taco Truck That Could

Thanks to the dozens and dozens of people that lined up for tacos last night at the Save Lloyd taco party, I am happy to announce that Lloyd is in the shop and should be back in its spot on Mohawk and Main at some point this week. This morning, Facebook fans and Lloyd’s followers on Twitter received the good news that our city’s single bastion of authentic and tasty Mexican tacos would be saved.

The event pulled in guests eager to munch on the truck’s tasty pork, braised beef and stewed black bean tacos, as well as churros (a Mexican fried dough treat) and grilled corn. At one point there was a line down the stairs and out the front door of the host location, Artisan Kitchens & Baths, but the Lloyd Boys received a little help from some friends and ardent supports, and the group quickly leveraged the extra manpower to get themselves out of the weeds. The donation of raffle items, tunes provided by taco fan DJ Lo Pro and the fun Party Booth made the evening a win.

The media frenzy over Lloyd has been amazing to watch. After opening just three weeks ago (with one of those weeks being “shuttered” while Lloyd awaited a new engine), the taco truck’s arrival and subsequent plight garnered multiple stories here on BR, as well as coverage in Business First, WGRZ, WIVB, WKBW, 88.7 WBFO, 1230 WECK and

I don’t know if the support the lone taco truck has received is about Buffalo clamoring for high-quality street food, or a full-fledged embrace of Lloyd’s tasty take on casual Mexican cuisine (which in itself a notable commentary on our region’s lack of real Mexican food). Maybe it’s a bit of both. Or, maybe, just maybe, Buffalonians identify just a bit with the little taco truck that could.

Whatever the case may be, Lloyd Boys Pete Cimino and Chef Chris Dorsaneo claim that over the course of the last week they have really felt the “Buffalove”, and we can all rest assured that we will have the chance to queue up for super tacos and burritos once again in just a few days.

See you at the taco truck!


Photo by queenseyes

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