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Meet Jim Neff: Buffalo’s Top Spinner

If you wondered where The Buffalo Juggling Club members were for the better part of the summer, they took some time off after being required to fill out park permits. I guess that’s what happens when your club gets too big and the chainsaw jugglers start snooping around. Now that they have their permit filled out, and are meeting each and every Monday (by the Delaware Park Rose Garden) once more, there are some acts that I suggest you catch.

Meet Jim Neff. Jim is Buffalo’s resident top spinner. What does that mean? He loves to spin tops – big, small, colorful, crazy tops. It’s fascinating to see. Until speaking with Jim last night, I didn’t event know that top spinning was becoming so popular. I can see why it is though… when he let the big top fly and it stood spinning effortlessly on his hand it was absolutely mesmerizing. Then he pulled the rope on a smaller one, lifted it into the air with one finger and placed it upon his tongue. The show had gone from cool to crazy in seconds.


The Buffalo Juggling Club is always looking for juggling enthusiasts to join in. Or Hula hoopers, balancers, and anyone else who loves to take objects and play around with them. Just no chainsaw jugglers, or worse… cat jugglers!

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