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If you build ‘this’, we will come.

Well, it seems the universe wants us all to tell it what we’d like to see at the waterfront entity known as Canal Side.  The retraction of interest by Bass Pro may mean a huge, bright, new opportunity for all of us who like diversity, variety, value and a genuine Buffalo environment in which to learn, laugh, and celebrate our unique city.
Form follows function, right?  If you build it they will come, but if you build what they want, they will keep coming! So, is it green, sports, BBQ, history, playgrounds, museums…?

Buffalo Rising and the Buffalo Expat Network want to know what you would like to see.  But let’s be real.  How about three things (restaurants, venues, themes, attractions, rides, shops, museums, stores, or other entity) you’d like to see at Canal Side.  A third party team of analysts will take two weeks of input, boil it down using the latest scientific phenomenon (like the pareto chart which yields the 20% of things that 80% of us would enjoy) and we’ll spit out the concepts you voted for and try to put it together in some kind of layout that represents flow.
The deadline for entries is August 15th.  The results will be posted on Buffalo Rising by August 21st.  Maybe if we can all help to define what we’re looking for, we can pass along the results to those tasked with deciding our future at Canal Side. It doesn’t hurt to ask for certain amenities, right? 


1) Small wooden rollercoaster, reminiscent of The Comet at Crystal Beach.
2) A real Herschel Carousel, refurbished by the Tonawanda Museum, re-using one that’s dormant somewhere in the USA and brought back “home”.
3) A take-out version of Frank and Theresa’s Anchor Bar, rekindling memories of the original bar where it all began.

So, dream big Buffalo, but keep it to three things you want to see. Let’s see what the Canal Side we dream of looks like?

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