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Writing with Light

Since 1974, the non-profit CEPA Gallery has been the standard in our region for
great photography and has provided a context for understanding the
aesthetic, cultural, and political intersections of photo-related art.
The gallery is an artistic force, and yet, one of its lesser-known
achievements over all these years is its hand in educating
the city’s youth.

CEPA Gallery’s youth programs provide students across the region with an
opportunity to explore and appreciate photography through school
programs and extra-curricular workshops, including after-school and
summer offerings. Many of the students who partake in CEPA’s education
programs throughout the year come from dramatically under-served
communities in our city who would otherwise be unlikely to experience
photography, both as a learning tool and critical means of expression.
One of the most highly-regarded programs, Picturing Poetry, creates
opportunity for at-risk youth to develop creativity in a combined
photography and writing curriculum. Students emerge from this process
with an increased sense of tolerance and empathy for others.
The spring Writing with Light campaign will serve
to encourage positive behaviors and healthy decision making but there is
substantial cost in bringing this program to those who need it most.
Equipment, supplies and trained professionals are necessary to maintain
the Gallery’s educational outreach and the demand for these services increases each year.
CEPA is hoping to raise $150,000 for this year’s programs. “We
know these programs enhance public school resources, encourage positive
social development and provide unique opportunities for students to
strengthen academic skills,” stated a representative of CEPA. Please
help CEPA Gallery continue to empower these students as they “expose the

How exactly does your money help?

$25 gift will buy 5 pinhole
$100 gift will buy darkroom chemistry for 10 children
gift will sponsor one child in CEPS’s Photography Camps
$500 gift
will buy 75 single use film cameras

… the list goes on! You can donate online here,
or send a check to the physical address:

CEPA Gallery
617 Main
Street, Suite 201
Buffalo, NY 14203


Laura Duquette is a former ballerina who now dances with words
and punctuation. She has a knack for asking questions faster than the
speed of sound, and her interviews are often off the cuff and personal.
She is Co-Owner of 12 Grain
, a Buffalo based creative firm that gives typical web design a
kick in the ass.

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