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Tired of those boring workouts?

Clunk… Clunk…. Clunk… That was the sound that we heard last evening while sitting out on Prospero’s patio. When we looked to see what was making the sound, we were baffled when we saw two young guys flipping an oversized tractor tire down Orton Place. They were taking turns lifting the tire, over and over… Clunk! “Don’t they know that the easiest way to move a tire is to roll it…”, my friend pointed out. We all got a kick out of that, but at the same time our curiosity got the best of us and we got up from the table to go see what they were up to.

Not only did we discover that the two guys in question were flipping the tire as part of a workout regimen, we also discovered that someone from our own group (Rachel) was interested in attempting the feat. Now, by this time we had learned that Max (photo) was an instructor at KC’s Fitness (just around the corner), and he was in the midst of training a client via one of the more unusual workout programs – one that had been designed to increase leg and upper body strength just like the strongman competitions. Rachel did accomplish the task at hand, yet admitted that it wasn’t exactly easy. I’m sure that Drew (the student who was doing half of the lifting) was relieved to get a short break, since the tire exercise was to continue around the entire block!

If you want to join in on the fun, you can either stop by Prospero for a cocktail on the patio to witness the unusual program, or make an appointment at KC’s Fitness… the choice is yours!


KC’s Fitness
1 Symphony Circle
Buffalo, NY 14201-1213
(716) 886-0252

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