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The Buffalo NY Wings: A Trip Back to Grade School but Cooler!

By Kimberly Worling:

There’s a new ball in Delaware Park. In addition to baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, cycling, running and more, Buffalo can now add The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA©) Kickball to its list. It’s the same red rubber ball and game from grade school, except the players are older, at least 21 as mandated by WAKA rules, rules that govern age and the play of a 5-inning game. In addition to age, WAKA mandates there must be at least 8 (and up to 11) players on the field and there must be at least 4 males and 4 females for the game to even begin. It’s a lot of rules to learn, but Buffalo has been up to the challenge. July 29th will be game 6 of the brand new season (played at Delaware Park) and already one team has a winning streak and a couple others are close behind in the standings, standings that will determine the games played during the 2-week playoffs at the end of August.

WAKA kickball originally started over 10 years ago and quickly grew to cover the United States, and it went international this year, launching a division in England. All teams are eligible for a slot to play in Las Vegas and winning teams may also play in the famous Founder’s Cup held in Vegas each year as well.

WAKA isn’t just about kickball though. It’s also a social organization. It’s about the game, but it’s also about meeting other young professionals and making new friends. For this season, the WAKA Buffalo NY Wings head to Gecko’s over on Hertel where their t-shirts get them exclusive drink specials and discounts on the menu. It’s a win-win for both the players and wherever they go, as many adult beverages will be consumed all in the good and friendly WAKA spirit of sport and socializing.

The Buffalo NY Wings seemed long over due as the organization has thriving leagues in many other regions of the country and this one will be well on its way also. New divisions need a minimum of 4 teams and 60 players to officially start the season and once registration was opened, NY Wings quickly reached 8 teams just before the 1st game. This influx of players is sure to continue.

Due to weather, the division will take a quick break for the snowy season, but will be back in full force in the Spring. If you’re up for trip back to grade school, meeting some new faces, and turning a weeknight into your FAVORITE night of the week, WAKA is probably for you. Be sure to check out the website and stay tuned for the next season!

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