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PUSH’s “Raising Money for Nothin'” Party

If you’re into green, and you’re looking to take part in a very unique celebration, head over to Shakti Yoga this Friday to pay tribute to Buffalo’s ‘Net Zero’ house and the people who worked on it. It’s true – the house will generate as much power as it consumes, leading the way for others in the community to rethink how a zero impact house can be built. What may ultimately prove to be more important is the geo-thermal and solar system training received by the young adults who worked on the project. Each of them now possesses the valuable knowledge that they will bring with them on future jobs, making them a valuable asset in the workforce.

To truly see the effects (or lack thereof) of the green initiative, just take a look at the diagram below that details the key green components – from rain harvesting to the metal roofing. “We said that Extreme Makeover was just the beginning,” said Aaron Bartley of PUSH. “And we meant it.  We’re proud to be building a house that will rank as one of the greenest in the region, just two blocks from Delores Powell’s at 10 Winter Street. We’re even more proud that, through a partnership with WNY AmeriCorps, most of the work is being performed by young adult trainees in green construction who live in the neighborhood.”

^Click to enlarge

Another major bonus for attendees is the chance to celebrate the WNY green movement at Shakti Yoga, a new cultural destination located on Grant Street. The interior of Shakti is sublime – especially when gatherings of people are present, enjoying food and music. Come join the celebration of this worthy cause, while being entertained by the spiritual goodness of Shakti.  

PUSH’s “Raising Money for Nothin'” Party
Friday, July 30th
Shakti Yoga
133 Grant Street
Purchase $25 tickets by calling (716) 884-0356 or at the door.

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Buffalo Rising

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  • hamp

    Sustainable design should also sustain community.
    The house design looks nice, but where’s the front porch?

  • WCPerspective

    They’re actually rehabbing an existing home (with a small addition on the second floor). Not sure why the porch isn’t expanded, the current porch looks small (follow Newell’s 10 Winter link and hit streetview).

  • MrGreenJeans

    In 2010, front porches only encourage trashy, unemployed scum-bags to hang out & demoralize the neighbors. It’s nice to imagine that we’ll all sit on our porches after our polite dinners, politely sipping coffee and politely saying Howdy! to our neighbors, but that was 100 years ago.

  • sbrof

    It still exists in many places. Kenmore and North Buffalo residents use their porches all the time, and mostly to relax and enjoy an evening. Often even saying ‘howdy’ to neighbors. Things aren’t really as different as you might think. Trashy people are trashy people no matter where they live or the style of house.

  • wildgirl

    I live right around the corner, I use my porch and am certainly trashy in the best Dorothy Allison sort of way!! Like so many “non-profit” ventures, the idea is awesome,, however the project seems disorganized and the cost will be ten times what it would cost when compared to really trashy people implementing “green projects”. Come to the west side and meet the local trash. There are people from all over the world who have more perseverance, common sense and real life experience than any puss pants from university!!! Go team trash!!