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Lottery by Patricia Wood

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library: Staff Review by Claudia Yates

The lottery…what would you do if you won it?  In Lottery by Patricia Wood, Perry L. Crandall is a man with an IQ of only 76, “but not stupid,” as he says. “L stands for Lucky,” he tells everyone.  He gets mad when people call him a moron, idiot, or retard.  His “Gram,” who he lives with, taught him everything he needs to know in order to survive.  She taught him to write everything down so he would remember.   Gram had him do a word a day in their dictionary since he was little, but then they picked up the pace after calculating how long it would take to finish.  And most of all, she taught him whom he could trust.
Every week he and his Gram play the Washington State Lottery and write down what they would do if by chance they won.  Life is fairly routine until, at 31 years old, he suffers the loss of his Gram.  Other family members disperse all belongings of value and con him out of his home.  Fortunately, Gary, his employer at Holsted’s Marine Supply since he was sixteen years old, offers him the apartment above his workplace.  Life continues on until Perry wins big in the lottery.  And who should again appear?  Family! 

This is a fast, funny read with well-drawn characters you come to love or hate.  Will the family con Perry out of his winnings?  Will people treat you different if you have money?  Read or listen to it and find out.

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