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Forest Lawn to Host National Garden Festival Symposium this Friday.

By Sandy Starks:

Did you know that Forest Lawn was the first landscaped green space in Buffalo’s history, back in the mid-1800s? So it is only natural for Forest Lawn to join the Garden Walk this year and to also host a Garden Symposium for the National Garden Festival. Four outstanding lecturers are featured at the symposium.  Join us for a day-long series of lectures, plus lunch, THIS Friday, July 23:

9:30 a.m. – Magical Garden and Patio Transformations
– Taking Spaces From “Blah” to “Aha!”- Siobhan Nehin, Design & Time | Siobhan is an artist, professional gardener, designer and Queen of the garden fairies. Siobhan’s presentation will include images of many of her Magical garden and Patio transformations, taking spaces from blah to a-ha.. Her secret, C.A.T.S. – a unique combination of color, artwork, texture and shape.
11:00 a.m.- Gardens From the Inside Out – Virginia Burt, OALA, ASLA, Visionscapes Landscape Architects | As we move through our busy “outer” lives, creating beautiful spaces and gardens that reflect our inner selves is an opportunity. Using various methods and a holistic approach, learn ways to make your garden more meaningful. Virginia Burt is a landscape architect specializing in gardens that honor people and the land. Her work includes healing gardens, sacred spaces and labyrinths.

12:00 p.m. – Lunch  from Buffalo’s own Quaker Bonnet – During lunch, participants will meet a small flock of garden fairies, who are flying in for the national garden festival and are part of a 500 strong group of artistic gardeners from Tampa Bay, Florida. See the garden fairies’ demonstration on how to make personalized garden mementos. Using letters pressed into cement, you will learn how to make customized stepping-stones and plaques. The garden fairies will also talk about their latest community beautification project: a 22′ x 17′ mosaic mural.
1:00 p.m. – The Great Botanic Gardens of the World – Richard Benfield, Professor of Geography, Central Connecticut State University Professor Benfield, a specialist and consultant in garden tourism, will take you on a pictorial journey throughout the world to reveal some of the spectacular famous and not-so-famous gardens on the planet earth.

2:15 p.m – The Women and Gardens of Forest Lawn – Sandy Starks, Interpretive Program Director, Forest Lawn Cemetery
A look at some of the remarkable women that contributed so much to society, plus a glimpse of some of the beautiful gardens in forest lawn — in all four seasons.

Attend all four lectures plus lunch for only $50. Tickets are available at the Forest Lawn office or by calling 716-885-1600.
Can’t spend the day?  Limited seating is available for each lecture –  $15 each- individual tickets available at the door only. Lunch reservation must be made in advance.

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