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Fiddleheads Reinvents Itself as a Breakfast and Lunch Spot

It’s not often that a restaurant does a complete flip – from specializing in serving dinner (for years) and then suddenly switching to lunch and brunch*. In Fiddleheads’ case, I am happy to see the change up. Not that I didn’t like their dinners… I just happen to find myself gravitating more to their lunch offerings. It all started this past Sunday when we stopped in for brunch – their breakfast pizzette turned me into an instant fan of their decision. So much so that I went back yesterday to sample the restaurant’s candied onion, fig and blue cheese pizzette. Two days in a row I was completely satisfied with my choices.

The breakfast pizzette had plenty of ingredients, the perfect amount of cheese, and I added peppers and onions (instead of sausage and bacon) to give it a Southwestern flare. The caramelized and fig pizzette is my favorite – I never thought that I would be so happy to taste figs on a pizza, but the way that these guys do it is absolutely amazing. I also love the size of these personal pizzettes and the proportion of crust to ingredients – perfectly crisped underneath while keeping the toppings fresh and flavorful.

I was surprised to see how many people had already discovered that Fiddleheads was serving brunch. It was only their first day and there must have been twenty people eating in the quaint surroundings. That’s another great thing about Fiddleheads. The atmosphere is really nice – between the ornamental patio and the various indoor seating areas, there is always a place to relax depending on your mood. You can even sit at the little bar.


Thankfully, my fiancé is also hooked on the food. She ordered the same dish twice already: a tapas plate with grilled bread brushed with olive oil, spiced ‘chix’ peas (great source of protein), followed by a refreshing tomato pesto and finished with a homemade eggplant and olive caponata. Combined with smooth coffee served from a delicate fluted pot, simple fresh cut flowers on the table, and clean white linen tablecloths, the eatery is a refreshing change of pace for both lunch and brunch.

I’ve already lined up a couple more dishes that I want to try on my next visits (breakfast and lunch served all day long): The mini Belgian waffles, the black bean veggie burger and the poppyseed & strawberry salad with Vidalia onions. If you’re looking for some meat options, Fiddleheads serves up a quarter pound burger with grilled onions, Swiss and tomato aioli. You can also get the egg sandwich with a choice of bacon or smoked porkloin. Even the meat options come with fresh healthy ingredients as sides – they look super filling, but they appear to be relatively good for you.

Whether you stop in for the muffins, Danish and bagels, or the cup of cream of tomato & grilled triple cheese sandwich (one of the specials), Fiddleheads has gone out of its way to reinvent itself as a one-of-a-kind breakfast and lunch spot (8am-2pm) in Allentown. There are even a couple of options for the kids, including the cheese and pepperoni pizzette and apple juice.

*Come fall, the restaurant may decide to reopen for dinner depending on the demand.

Fiddleheads (or Fiddle Heads) Restaurant
62 Allen Street (corner of Franklin)
Buffalo NY

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