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Don’t Pay Attention To The City Behind The Barrels

It was back in 2007 when I first wrote about the misleading signage on the Peace Bridge. By misleading, I mean that it leads people coming into the states everywhere but the city of Buffalo. The signs tell to you how to take the 190 North to The Falls and 190 South to 90. Do we, as a city, gain much by having the Peace Bridge on our doorstep? To make matters worse, now there are orange traffic barrels leading travelers away from Porter Avenue actually making it difficult to get into the city! I asked about the barrier and was told that it makes it easier for traffic flow… traffic flow south to the thruway? Um, who the heck is running that place and where do they live?

It just gets worse and worse for travelers wanting to find places like Allentown or Elmwood. Why make it easy for people to get to the city? I would love to talk to the guy or gal who came up with the brilliant orange barrel idea. C’mon! This maze into our unidentified city has turned into a nightmare for anyone attempting to visit anything other than our freeway system. Is it due to National Security? Traffic flow? If it is traffic flow, then maybe we can take those barrels and divert cars downtown. Maybe the Canadian side should add some orange barrels to divert drivers along the Niagara River instead of the QEW. Would that make sense? No. So why does this make sense in Buffalo? Hello… is anybody out there?

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