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Brain Drain Comes To A Crawl On Elmwood

It’s that time of year again. Time to stitch yourself together, grab your best-tattered duds and slather the red red kroovy all over your body… or what’s left of it. It’s time to celebrate brain drain in high fashion – certainly a gutsy move to join this rabid crowd on such a ghastly hot summer’s day.   

Last October the Zombie Walk was a real scream – the dead came out of the woodwork to raise havoc on Elmwood. The walk started at Bidwell Parkway and dead ended at Days Park. Early reports for this Saturday’s escapades place Playboy Bunny and Buffalo Scream Queen Angelina Leigh at the scene of the crime, and film talent headhunters will be looking for the most believable zombies. There is also a music video and a zombie pub crawl planned. Even Subway Restaurant (corner of Forest and Elmwood) is anticipating getting into the act by featuring a Zombie Sub – ‘Eat Flesh!’.

To benefit the WNY Food Bank and the Red Cross Buffalo Chapter.


From the ‘Organ’izers:

Zombie Walk starts at 1:00 to 1:30 pm and continues to 4:00 pm.


Zombie Walk Contest @ 4:30pm at the Maddtat2 Headquarters 1115 Elmwood
Zombie Pub Crawl Contest @ 10:30pm at Cozumel 153 Elmwood.

To be a contestant $1 donation to help support the Zombie Crawl

Categories Are:
king and queen zombie – best male / female
best zombie couple
crowd favorite zombie
(all contestants at once and zombies moan loudest for favorite)
sexiest zombie – 10:10 pm
best zombie group – 4:30 & 10:30 pm
most original zombie – 4:30 & 10:30 pm
rob zombie look alike – 4:30 & 10:30 pm
funniest looking zombie – 4:30 & 10:30 pm.
best bartender zombie – 10:30 pm
best holiday zombie – 4:30 & 10:30 pm
best zombie victim – 4:30 & 10:30 pm
best kids zombie – 4:30 pm
infant up to 11 mo – 4:30
1 to 6 yr – 4:30 pm
7 – 12 yr – 4:30 pm

Zombies MUST stop and sign in to to register for the events.
Non Zombies (aka Victims) must also register
Registration is so we know how many Zombies & Victims attended and to give us an accurate head count… no pun intended.

You MUST Register to be eligible for prizes and giveaways.

Once signed in there will be a mass gathering in front of the
headquarters and the overflow will be just up the street at Elmwood
& Bidwell to start the event. NOTE: The Farmers Market will be
taking place across from Just Pizza. DO NOT Interfere with their their
business what so ever. We have to co-exist with them, please do not go
wandering over there, stay on the East side of Bidwell Parkway, the
same side as Maddtat2 & The Guerilla Gallery.

The START of the event will be filmed. We will have all the Zombies
enter the rear of The Guerilla Gallery and then exit out the front door
one by one so we get everybody on video. So ham it up!

Zombie Walk

Open to the public, all ages.
Starts at 1:00 to 1:30 pm and continues to 4:00 pm.
You can walk up and down the event route as many times as you wish or as little as you want, please use proper crossing rules.

The route turnaround is at Allen St in the Bar district. Cross Allen to
Town Restaurant and cross Elmwood to Jim’s Steak Out and continue down
Allen and turn around at Wadsworth and continue back down Allen again
and turn Left on to Elmwood back towards the start.

REMINDER: It is a 2 mile walk each way and a bout a 40 minute walk
for a human, but Zombies are slow as you know so figure about an hour
crawl each way. We are working on water stations but bring a bottle as
back up and we will know for sure by showtime.

Please walk on the sidewalks facing traffic for optimum exposure and obey all traffic rules.
Don’t block crossing, it recommended to break character when crossing.

When you are done with your walk which is at the Headquarters stick
around dor CONTESTS and greet other Zombies and for photo shoots.

You are welcome to hang around for the Zombie Pub Crawl. Maddtat2 &
The Guerilla Gallery will be providing entertainment, or go visit Tim
at Zonies or have a Subway Zombie Sub! Eat Flesh!

Zombie Music Video Shoot

There will be a Music Video being filmed at the Headquarters for the
band Angry Soil and Zombies are wanted to be in it during the break
between the Contest and beginning of the Zombie Pub Crawl.

Zombie Pub Crawl

21 and older only. Bring ID.
Starts at 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm,

You MUST Sign in & Register at the Headquarters and you will be
given a “Zombie Bar Card to have marked at each Bar. If you complete
all the Bars you get a FREE Gift….

You are invited once again to walk the Elmwood Strip and stop in each
Bar Sponsoring the event, Drinking is not required to participate.

Bars with specials TBA.

Keep in mind you might be asked for a picture ID at the bars and your
zombie face might not match your picture ID. If you are refused entry,
please understand the doorman is only doing his job, ask to have your
card marked and crawl on to the next Bar.

Subway at 1124 Elmwood & Forest is trying to get permission to
sell “The Zombie Sub” during the event, but if not they will also be
Giving A FREE Cookie with every foot-long. They have donated 2 $25
gift certificates that will go towards our contests.

Come check out AJ Jordan around 11:00 pm right after our contests at The Cozumel Grill & Tequila Bar…
Location: 153 Elmwood Ave Buffalo Near Allen St.

Make-Up Station

We will have Make-Up Stations at the Headquarters.
Terror Technologies & Maddtat2 Artists will be on hand for your Zombie Make-Up Needs.
No appointment necessary, first come first served.
Times are 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm & 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Rates are $5.00 for face, $5.00 for arms, $5.00 for legs, combo face legs and arms $12.00

Beautifully Bloody will be set up for your more elaborate Zombie
needs but appointments are needed. Email to make
arrangements. Prices vary.

Bloody Disgusting Clothes On Sale

We will be selling pre-made Zombie Clothing at the event. Shirts,
pants, shorts and more. If you want us to make some for your specific
size just send us a message and we will do what we can. We would have
to go buy your size so the cost will be a little more. but what we will
be selling will be cheap: All prices are $5.00 for shirts or sweaters
or pants or shorts.

Rules and Code of Conduct

We will be staffed with Route Spotters looking for rule breakers.

And Our Security Staff will take over if necessary. Please, don’t put future events in jeopardy. .
COSTUMES are Encouraged but not Required. Both Zombies & Victims are welcome.
Pets are allowed but not encouraged for the walk, but not allowed for the Pub Crawl.
If you do bring a pet you do so at your own risk, and please try to dress them for the occasion.
Children may attend the Zombie Walk and there are contests just for the
kids, but some may be too scared once they get there, we don’t want to
be responsible for traumatizing them for life… do we? Parental
Discretion is Advised, you know your kids better than we do.

Making homemade blood is cool, but is sticky and tends to attract bugs,
you are better off buying tubes or pints online, average tube cost is
$2 and pints normally run $8, Rotten Jacks Creep Shack can be a good
spot to pick up supplies and props, and Party City normally has blood
out all year.

PROPS: No Illegal items, NO Guns fake or real, NO real knives. Chains, sledgehammers, picks, shovels and such are okay but don’t get
stupid with them and swing them about.

NO ALCOHOL while walking for either event, the Police have been
notified of the event and will be on patrol to ensure public safety.
Unless you want a hefty fine to pay, no outdoor drinking. Drunk Zombies
will be asked to end their fun if tagged by one of our many spotters or
if we get complaints by other Zombies and or establishment owners.
Needless to say but NO Drug use allowed.

DO NOT make a mess, no littering, if you see something please pick
it up and dispose of properly, no squirting or puking fluids on
bystanders, sidewalks or in establishments. Blood & Guts left on
the sidewalk in front of a store doesn’t attract customers. Bystanders!
Sure they will be curious but keep you limb(s) or others to yourselves,
give them your best groan and evil eye(s) and leave it at that.

HARRASSING onlookers or passerby’s is not allowed, do not hold up
the flow of traffic or stick your decaying torso inside vehicles, you
might regret it if you take one in the face from somebody freaking out
or protecting their property. Things like arguing, fighting, abusive
behavior, breaking property will all put future Zombie events in
jeopardy as well as yourself. We will have several photographers &
video crews filming the event.

CROSS at provided crosswalks, NO “J”walking allowed, moving vehicles
can kill Zombies, look both ways before crawling into intersections and
obey the signs. When crossing, it’s OK to “break character” and cross
quickly. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be
arrested. No walking in the street is allowed period, this will get you
tossed from the event

STAY IN character as much as possible, and have fun with it.
Remember you have lost the ability to speak. You have been unearthed
and Rigor Mortis has set in so walking is difficult for you. Drag that
bad leg, reach with stiff arms, and moan and groan, remember your there
for the brainnnnnnsssss.

Don’t think like a zombie. BE A ZOMBIE! Seize the moment because we
have a few movie makers scouting the event for help in upcoming movies
being filmed in the area this summer. So ham it up! Please remember to
stay in character as much as you UN-humanly can!


I read this on another zombie crawl’s website and it makes sense… Besides setting a place and a date for this public event, and inviting
you to dress up like zombies and wander around in public…we have no
responsibility for who shows up, how they act, or the other 1,000,000
things that could go wrong each-and-every-time you go out in public.
Like any other stroll down a sidewalk, things can happen. This is a
completely open and voluntary event, and we cannot be held responsible
if you get hurt, arrested, or otherwise inconvenienced. Whatever care
you take when you normally go out in public, you should also take the
day of the Zombie Walk. Avoid confrontations! Your Dead, what are they
gonna prove! Come for the History, Stay for the BRAINS !!!

Again we will be staffed with spotters & security and the Buffalo Police will be making extra patrols.

Although some of you may not be great at make-up, worry not, the
dead have no specific look. Refer to the internet and search Zombie
make-up, costumes, search Youtube for Zombie Walks & Crawls, see
what others are doing and create you own concept from that…or use our
paid services.

Photos and Video

Please bring your cameras and video devices to the headquarters
until 7:00 pm at the Headquarters so you can share your view of the
event, we will be set up to transfer any type card or cable. We will be
screening everybody’s photos and videos during the after party at the
Cozumel and will be able to transfer starting at 9:30 pm.

Remember, this is all for fun, and we want to do more as the word
gets out, WE WILL HAVE one in late September to help kick things off
for Terror Technologies Extreme Haunted House.

Volunteers Wanted

If you’d like to be a part of our security staff, please contact us. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT with zombies, Remind them are the rules, if they are still disorderly then the police will be called.

We need spotters standing every few blocks to watch out for trouble makers and call security if needed.

Facebook event




Terror Technologies


Mr Goodbar
JP Bullfeathers
Elmwood Lounge
Mode Urban Bristo
JJ’s Sports Bar Casa Di-Pizza
Mulligans Brick Bar
Old Pink
The Bend


Subway at Forest & Elmwood – Free Giant Cookie w/ Foot Long purchase.
Zonies – 1122 Elmwood – Catering the Cozumel After Party.
NY Pizzeria – 160 Allen – TBA
Allentown Music – 1113 Elmwood – 10% OFF Select Items until End of August with Ticket Stub.
JT Productions – Two $100 Off DJ Services Gift Certificates
Xpress PC Repair & Set Up – Four FREE Virus Removal Service gift Certificates each a $75 Value.
Zilly Cakes
Paekway Hair Cutting
Casa Di-Pizza
Suzie Q’s BBQ
JAR Trophies
Toys We Enjoy
Clabourne Liquors
The Bend
Sample Bar
Body Bag Entertainment
Darksyde Acres Haunted House
Halloween Prop Shop
Angry soil
SS Kustoms
Buffa-low Budget Films Buffalo

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