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Best Italian Bread in Buffalo?

When I grew up in Niagara Falls there were two places to get great Italian bread: Trusello’s and DiCamillo’s. DiCamillo’s is still around (three stores in Niagara Falls, one in Lewiston, and one in Williamsville), but Trusello’s closed shop in the 1990s. DiCamillo’s consistently makes excellent products, and I still enjoy their bread, pizza, and doughnuts. But Trusello’s, in my opinion, was the best of all time. It’s hard to believe an amazing loaf of bread came out of the cruddy green building that is pictured below. Anyone who used to go to Trusello’s remembers the sign that was on a building adjacent to the bakery. Pictured was one man shaking another man by his collar, yelling What did you say about Trusello bread? As if anyone who dared to criticize Trusello’s was spoiling for a fight.

Trusellos.jpgI’m always on the lookout for good Italian bread in Buffalo but I’ve never been able to find a loaf that’s as good as Trusello’s. For awhile, I enjoyed the bread from Balistreri’s, who used to have a location at 307 Niagara Street, but that location closed several years ago. So, unless I’m missing something, that pretty much leaves me with only two city options: Gino’s and Luigi’s. Between the two, I prefer Luigi’s. When I bought a loaf this week, it definitely passed the smell test, meaning the smell of it made me want to rip off the end and eat it before I could get home. But I held off so I could take a picture (see lead image).  Bought at 11:30 a.m., it tasted fresh. It looked good, tasted very good, was definitely a bargain at $1.69. It still had good flavor the following morning when toasted. For now, Luigi’s is my top choice for Italian bread in Buffalo.

Ginos.jpgI’d say Gino’s is decent, but nothing special (pictured left). Their bread is also priced reasonably at $1.99. When I bought a loaf this week at 8:00 a.m., it was still warm in the bag, but didn’t pass the smell test–I had no problem waiting to get home to take a picture. I ate the end, not toasted, and then toasted a slice. It was okay in both forms, but nowhere near spectacular. I’m sure some North Buffalo residents will defend Gino’s, but their bread just doesn’t get the job done for me. I’m reaching for an analogy here, but in classic rock terms, Bad Company comes to mind. No, they’re not terrible, but does anyone actually love Bad Company? 

Trusello’s was like the Beatles, DiCamillo’s is like the Rolling Stones, and I’d pick a band one echelon lower for Luigi’s (maybe Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). But taste in Italian bread, like music, is subjective. So tell me, who makes your favorite Italian bread in Buffalo? So tell me, who makes your favorite Italian bread in Buffalo? 

Luigi’s Bakery
83 Forest Avenue
Buffalo, 14213

Gino’s Bakery
1368 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, 14216

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