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And the agony of the feet!

The Stiletto Run has turned into one of the ‘funnest’ and definitely one of the most eccentric races of the year. The short event is packed with partiers, supporters, lots of legs and killer shoes. Last year the race organizers were happy to report that 120 contestants entered the race. This year things got a little out of hand (or foot) as upwards of 400 racers showed up – the overwhelming number of runners even held up the official start time – though not for long.

This was the first year that I stationed myself at the finish line of the Stiletto Run rather than at the start. The different perspective gave me a new appreciation for what it takes to run a .5k in these towering shoes. When I saw two male runners running neck-in-neck towards the finish line (there is a men’s category) I was in awe of their pace. Then, a matter of feet from the ribbon, Dan Gigante (photo below holding broken kicks) of Clevermethod took a spill that looked utterly painful. That’s when Jason Steinberg cruised on in and snagged first place. Anyone who tells you that this race is easy… it’s not. I give a lot of credit to the guys who entered and helped to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Just watching some of the men strutting around in heels was painful (in more ways than one).


As much as watching the men and women cross the finish line was inspiring, nobody was really prepared to see a fleet of women carrying a banner in the memory of Amy Walker who had recently lost her battle to ovarian cancer. The tears in the eyes of the women took the race from one of lighthearted fun to that of a real wake-up call. While the event was a ton of fun, it was an appreciated reminder that there were those who could not be there on that day to partake in the worthy cause. “The whole family was so great,” Sue Marfino, race organizer and owner of Shoefly told me. “Talking to Amy’s family made it all so worth it. Amy was a girl in her 20s – her family told me that she would have loved the event and would have been there.” I’m sure that she was there watching over the entire race and ceremony.

Nicole Benoit was the winner of the women’s category.


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