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Ambiguous Prospects

This weekend, Big
Orbit Gallery
will present Ambiguous Prospects, an exhibition
of sculptural work by local artist and Buffalo State College Professor Elena Lourenco.
“The growing predicament of tension between human nature and the
natural world is of continuing interest to me,” said Lourenco.
“Consideration to how this evolving, interdependent relationship may
manifest in our social, spiritual and personal lives, influences most of
my working practice.” Ambiguous Prospects pushes a dialogue
about cause and effect relationships between actions and resources,
inviting the viewer to contemplate causality, change, loss, and their
resulting effects on the human psyche.

The sculptural installation “Heave” addresses the philosophical
dilemmas as large as the balance between creation and destruction, and
as personal as individual consumption, development and mortality. The
word heave is defined as “to exert great force”. Although it seems “Heave”
is comprised of two separate pieces, hand painted and sanded tools hang
beside an A-frame with pounding mechanisms, the installation is one
exhibit with a table serving as the focal point. “The table is
representative of human psyche…there are these two opposing
implements – one packs it in and the other digs it away,” stated
Lourenco in a past interview.

In other works, such as “The Irony of Remedy”, one can find
commentary on vulnerability and the futility of technology –
convenience. Through allying common forms of domestic life and the
organic world in scenarios that imply pointless functionality or
destruction, Lourenco’s objects and installations communicate powerful
narratives ranging from social criticism to personal conflict and loss.
The artists states on her website, “I rely on my intuition when
selecting materials for their appropriate significance to form and
concept. Ceramics, wood, metal, and concrete are often combined with
visceral materials such as tar, dirt, salt, and fibers. I incorporate
recognizable found objects and symbols, allowing for lucid
associations.” The exhibition will open to the public featuring a reception
with the artist in June 5, 2010 from 8pm – 11pm.

Ambiguous Prospects
by Elena Lourenco
June 5, 2010
–Artist Reception 8-11 PM

Big Orbit Gallery
110 Pearl Street
Buffalo, NY 14202-4125
(716) 440-5907


Laura Duquette is a former ballerina who now dances with words
and punctuation. She has a knack for asking questions faster than the
speed of sound, and her interviews are often off the cuff and personal.
She is Co-Owner of 12 Grain
, a Buffalo based creative firm that gives typical web design a
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