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Ring Road @ LaSalle Park

After years of seeing bits and pieces of LaSalle Park getting the improvements that it needs to be a regular destination for the region, it’s time to look at the big picture. Remember a few years ago when they installed the turnabout in the middle of the park to allow cars to turn around without going all the way to the end? That was a great idea because all of the parking is found towards the Colonel Ward Pumping Station.

In a perfect world, that would mean that the rest of the park would be closed to traffic. That would leave an excellent loop for cyclists, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and everyone else who appreciates our parks for reasons other than driving. In order to get to the picnic shelters, people might have to bring a backpack or a wagon, or carry bags with them – that’s what you have to do at the National Parks. There is no reason why we need to drive to the exact location… after all, aren’t we also promoting walking and exercising?

What would it take to do this? A couple of concrete barricades for now, and eventually a dedicated path for pedestrians, cyclists, etc. that would run right along the roadway that splits the park. Voila! Another Ring Road (see red lines on map) right on the waterfront attached to a bike trail that leads to and from the Inner Harbor. Until a Master Plan (like this) can be laid out, can we at least get some more cars out of our parks?

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