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Music to my ears… not my eyes.

When was the last time you walked into the Record Theatre at 1800 Main Street? I remember, when I was younger, when this was one of the best places to go to find music, audio equipment and everything else related to the music industry. Over the years, I also remember the store changing hands, opening and closing, downsizing and attempting to reinvent itself, though never successfully. Eventually I stopped going altogether.

Just yesterday I decided that, while exploring Main Street, I would stop in to take a look around. My friend who was with me (a musician) scratched his head and asked me when the place reopened. I wasn’t sure… I wasn’t event sure if the record store was called Record Theatre or Music Plus. When we walked inside the ever-so-ugly building, I was immediately transported back to my youth when my dad and I would wander in looking for vinyl and tapes. I thought about my Joe Jackson ‘Look Sharp!’ album – the first record I ever bought, and how (back then) I was so amazed at the shear size of the store.


While browsing through the racks of DVDs and music, I was impressed to see that there were some great selections at very affordable prices. There were other people browsing the aisles, and a hip-looking young guy was behind the cash register. There was even a security guy walking around. The business looked good (on the inside), and I felt that it wouldn’t take much to enhance the image of the place since the major problem appeared to be the outside of the building. It was not easy to tell that it was open, and there were two different signs making it tough to decipher what the business was even called. Most of all, the building just screamed (loudly), “I’m outdated!”

There are a couple of buildings on Main Street that could use an overhaul and this is one of them. I would bet, that if the facade was improved, and brought up to date, Record Theatre (that’s what it is now) would come back to life by attracting a great many people who still have no idea what it’s called, or who still think that it’s closed. I bought a couple of DVDs and am already planning on heading back for more. Compared to Blockbuster, the for-sale movie selections are much better, the atmosphere (inside) is better, and there’s music. If you’re looking to purchase instead of rent, I suggest giving this place a try. Maybe if business picks up they might do something with the ‘ugliness’ that broadcasts ‘out-of-date’ in the form of a big yellow eyesore.

Record Theatre
1800 Main Street,
Buffalo NY

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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